Shar I thought last week was awful.

I got sick.
My credit card was declined.
The toilet bowl overflowed.
My beloved rat, Mabel, died.
I fucked up on an exam.
Iowa was freezing cold.

But really, was my week so bad?

An old friend gave me a call.
I saw At the Drive-In.
Spring Break plans for London were made.
My roommate took me to see Tina Turner.
Tina Turner rocks.

I don't think it was as bad as I thought. I'm still alive, aren't I?
silentbob sometimes you just really can't help but feel like you belong in the toilet as it swirls down the drain 010108
cheeze just to feel like a stab in the back
the pain and stinging of a swarm of angry killer bees.

pop... gunshot to the head
your dead
but don't waste away
blood fills the room with red
sage girl i agree with silentbob 010925
valis my lawn is filled with dogshit

and no matter how i try to think of it as nature's breakfast, a step in the cycle, fuel for all the growing things,

it still smells like shit on my shoe
Inanna Parasites are shitty! Some of them live in intestines and exit in shit. There are so many different parasites in the ocean, and they are all shitty. 011022
marjorie my work performance. 040914
lantaren/venster my day.

it started off well, then there was the meeting of doom, in which it was clearly implied that i didnt know what i was doing. my reward is to give a presentation next week.

fuck off and fuck you.

ugh. my entire evening has just been spent being annoyed about this. and now im annoyed that ive spent so long being annoyed about this. more ugh.
what yeah not_unlike your_mom 's asshole 120507
unhinged typical

i felt it coming
waiting for the shoe to drop

i cant face you right now
what's it to you?
who go