Vincent.Valentine Tina, Tina, this is Bill, I've hardly moved and inch;
can you move my meeting up until nine I'm really in a pinch.
moonshine I hate when people jokingly call me this. If your going to pick half of my name to call me. Make it Christ 000716
birdmad the first name of the trailer_park_sorceress 000716
ClairE tina is awesome.

she is really cool and neat-o

if i could write like her...
ClairE seems amazing.

I wish I talked to her.

I wonder if she goes under her old AIM name,
because she never seems to be on.

Or maybe she's got almost everyone blocked.
god concertina turner 020228
barefootrevolutionary i am 070129
gja i have four chickens in my backyard. the oldest one is the best layer. we call her tina 070129
flowerock My first boyfriend's imaginary_girlfriend was named tina, she played the drums like him and I was kind of jealous of the imaginary_her but then this boyfriend also had imaginary multiple_persinalities as well. 150202
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