roxy he's not my friend and he's barely a boy at all. 000207
Scorched GanderSnout I hear her say this word
of me
and I wonder how it is that I have gotten here.
Why do I naturally introduce her as
but talk of her as
Why am I surprised to hear her introduce me as
Scorched GanderSnout As that Cornershop song says,
"Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow."
lotusflower boyfriend shmoyfriend...he's my GUY! 000213
psyki i am angry cuz my boyfriend says so
i am happy cuz my boyfriend says so
i am submissive cuz my boyfriend says so
i am outrageous cuz my boyfriend says so
i am defective cuz my boyfriend says so
Grant She won't let me call her this. At first I was confused, but then I realised that I was more than this to her. 000214
BoofPixie its when the phone calls start. every day, same time. and you're laughing, look out the window, a familiar car drives away. cause he wanted to know where you were. not acceptable. no, no, no. 000311
Silent Bob this is my title now

i wanted it all my life

now i have it

its not an insignificant word, like so many emotional references that are thrown around nowadays.

it means something very special to me.
and it means something special to Alicia, too, i think.
samayyel something i have never been.

always relegated to the status of "just a friend"

or regarded secretly in some circles as "just a fuck"
way way too long in my honest opinion, this is the real issue. the whole samantha saga is just an EXCUSE, a drama to play out a fear of never being loved. people do it all over the world a hundred times over. so, do yourself a favor, and give yourself some lovin'... you can find desire again later! 000606
snooch to the nooch how_soon_is_now 000614
kim he's looking at me strangely b/c
i've started talking to him in blather.

cc a boyfriend i may not have now but i have seen how much cahos the word can maybe now is not the time ...but when it does come up agian..i think it will be a word that means so much i wont be able to explain 000912
j_blue suprised to say boyfriends suck, the more the worse. find myself loving and hating to have one, but wishing i could have two. thinking alot about how the other half lives alot l8ly. one of these days, i think it would be nice... bit boring, but is that too bad?

its funny how there really is no winning
moonshine venus as a boy 000913
j_blue he doesnt beleive in beauty 000913
klairchen I don't need one in the grandest sense of the word.

I need to grow up.
guitar_freak damn. How I wish I could call you that name. Do you have any idea?!? no, you don't. I wish you did... 001022
Erin I love you and I wanna be your boyfriend love the selzers SELZERS 010118
MoonLiz i'm lonely
where is my cute little emo boy
with cherry red lips
and chiseled cheekbones
i need a cigarette
maybe if i kill myself with nicotine
someone will take pity of me
everyone only wants sex
not to talk
no one ever talks anymore
the simplicity of a touch
is lost upon the world
it's all about getting off
and seeing who can fuck the most people
i choose to refrain from that
even though it's frustrating as hell
i'm holding out
till my sensitive emo poet rockstar red lipped high cheekboned baggy pants wearing boyfriend comes along
scott don't need one. I have Annie 010126
j_blue we make love in the mornings, cant do it at night, since we usually smoke out, eat, and then fall asleep

our work scheds are loose, so we cuddle and fall in love and kiss and make love and laugh and act cute and hold each other and talk

he stayed home today, so he called me an hour after i left to say that he missed me and i missed him

its weird how its all delirious at times
raechel His name is Brad. The first nice guy I've ever who doesnt put on an act, who doesnt treat me like shit, who doesnt want something more. He kisses my hand. I give him my everything and I do not love him. We fuck all the time. 010211
j_blue i would never trust a str8boy, and dont like trusting anybody at all, unless i have known them

i knew my bf for 10 months before digging my claws in, despite the phobia against dating (or seducing) friends

i think friends make the best boyfriends
sailorJupiter I have a boy friend, but he's not a BOYFRIEND. Well, not for now. I know he likes me and wants me, and I feel the same for him. It's just that we don't want to let anyone know that , not even us. But I just know we want to be together. I feel so helpless against this love thing. Yet I act as though it can't stop me from not loving it. I pray for myself to give in , but I don't want to. I am missing someone or something from my life, but I don't think I'll find out soon. I hope when I do, it'll be the right time. 010213
unhinged "does nicole have a boyfriend yet?"


"that's good."

yeah...really good. *sigh*
inferiority_complex got laid-off at the beginning of the month

became a house person

i spend every day searching for work, and cleaning up after my roommates, and feeling useless

we live together, but he has always been a perfect perfectionist

nobody can do it as good as he can, and if he does it well, than nobody does it better (well, this isnt entirely accurate; but one knows what one knows, and he knows that within his genres, he is better than most)

this was ok, because what i know doesnt often overlap with what he knows (at least according to me)

and here i am with nothing to do but clean the house of a perfect house keeper
13lueee i wish i had someone to blather to... 010324
Bachelorette It's not that I don't believe in monogamy or that there is no need to be faithful to you; I don't have even that excuse, as flimsy as it may be. Sometimes it isn't even an issue of willpower because the idea of doing something wrong doesn't even cross my mind. When my teeth are against his shoulder I don't think about you, not in guilt, not even in nostalgia. 010327
stupid bird i ignored my senses and my better judgement.

had i not been blinded i would have caught his scent on her and not been so willing to play the fool.

like an idiot, i thought she was talking about me when she used this word.

the inferences and references seemed to bear it out.

at least until that lovely afternoon.

three years ago today
no one i want one of these. i thought i could get one, too. but as i cant tell if he actually likes me or if i'll just be another name to add to the list of girls he has gone through. i just hung out with him for almost 6 hours with his friends, but they made alot of comments about how he gets laid alot. he hits on me alot and its obvious to everyone, i really really like him alot (everyone knows this too)... so is this just cuz i would be an easy target or is he boyfriend material? my friend said i should talk to him about it, i think i should, but instead i typed this thing. hope thats alright 010528
j_blue hold out and demand that he demonstrate that he could be your boyfriend before taking him seriously

make sure that he doesnt get something for nothing

unless you are ok with being regarded the same way as his past lays...
ditto hey, wait 1 minute,
what is a boyfriend when they've got no time for you?
why bother girls,
all they want to do is use you for meat,
why can't you accept that?
scared of being alone?
or just despirate to be loved?
thats kinda hard when you don't respect yourself init.
tinKa j blue
it works for the lucky ones,
friends right!
cool stuff gurl.
Gillian he says he dont like titles like im his girlfriend im his boyfriend and i respect that n all but im begining to think that he just says that so he can get some from other girls and still have a relationship with me. 010608
florescent light if that's your instinct
then it's probably true
James- he plays over 8 girls at a time.
And he _brags_ about it
that was the worst part
"ohh- Sheryl, it's soooo hard being a player..."
Get the fuck out of my house
if you're going to be the scum of the human race, at least keep it to yourself.
Gillian but as far as he says he doesnt get ne from other girls, and fer some reason i believe him cause he knows it wouldnt bother me all that much seems how we havent been "an item" or whatever the fuck we are for very long 010612
kinkazoid mine is annoying the fuck out of me, sometimes i cant explane why he pisses me off but he always seems to. right now its because he makes plans with his friends before he makes them with me, im the sort of person that has to spend time with my boyfriend every single day, maybe not the whole day but atleast for awhile...and i know im not alone here most of the girls i ask feel the same. i make plans with him first so whenever he ditches me my other friends have already made different plans so im stuck with nothing to do. ass hole 010612
NINNY Nu Nu booooorrrrrriiiinnnggggg. 010624
MaraJade the guy i love, the one i never wished to part from. he's not my boyfriend anymore. hes my friend who is a boy. not really a boy at all, so much more. even after all thats happened, i just wish he could still be my boyfriend, the guy i love. 010625
TaterHead ...should he be trusted...
...or was i better off alone...
Norm Her boyfreinds always a nancy boy sissy. He can talk about how they're gonna get married and he's gonna open a flower shop and sell pansies and she'll stay home with the kids. They're always sissies. 010913
sphinxradio there's my boyfriend, and there's my boy friend. they're always out of sorts with each other, and it tears me up sometimes. 011221
Annie111 I wear your sweaters to bed
You let me drive your car at 2am in the morning
Looking in your eyes doesn't scare me
Silence is comfortable

But I still haven't found that one I'd be willing to wait around for. I honestly think I never will.
Becky I have one of these. I love him but he says things sometimes that make me think that he doesn't love me as much as he says he does. He's changed so much since I met him.. I wonder where the quiet antisocial boy went. 020106
ellen cherry charles at what point will i be comfortable using this word to describe him?
perhaps never.
it's too soon.
ClairE No. Please stop asking. You know I shout out more to the world than you'd ever want to hear.

Maybe you thought you missed it.
k1 I have a boyfriend.
He's a shining, scary, outerspace birthday and I love him.
k2 I'm the steakiest one ever
To nothing I say never
For cosmic lovin fun
I'm just needin your A1
We'll be gigglin up in Portland like forever
F. Sebastian Boursier One word that sits in two parts,
split like crystal rock
and a million miles of skyline.
Who needs them? They just get in the way and always want to stay overnight. He went for the quick and easy always saying how I was lovely... but when we never kiss in public, it drives me up a wall--that he'd call me this at all and give me nothing but rough nights and a hard fall.
Syrope when he was, it seemed like he was happy, but obviously not. when he wasn't i wasn't happy, so i tried again, only he'd never ask me out again, formally, so i couldn't call him my boyfriend - we were "just dating"...

now we don't even "just date" but it was worse losing my date than losing my boyfriend.
girl_jane I don't have one very often. I find dating in high school often means nothing, so I don't date unless I really like the guy. When I can go to a party or a concert without wanting to get to know another boy I see there in that sense, I know I really like the guy.

Until now, I hadn't had a boyfriend for almost a year. This guy was special enough to me to give him the title of "boyfriend" and at a recent outing I was approached by a cute boy, but I wasn't interested in the least bit. I really enjoy this new boy. I just hope I don't get trampled on in the end.
Fire & Roses Trying again... more boy this time, more friend too... he waited long enough and me i waited forever for him. 020325
eklektic so there's this boy. he's a friend of mine. but i'd like to put those two together. we kiss. we touch. we cuddle. but he's not my boyfriend. he's just a friendly boy, i suppose. 020330
blown cherry I said i didn't want one, and I'll stick by that.
I just wanted you, as often or as little as you'd have me.
And whatever this is, it runs so much deeper than anything on the plane of 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend'.

This non-entity that exists between us.
continuous ache you told me that neither one of us were ready for a relationship.
i said i was ready for you.
and later that same night you admitted that we are together.
so we have relationship we should just wait to have a relationship.

can i have some of whatever you're on?
taya what i wouldn't give just to be able to sit down and tell mine how i'm feeling. how much he bothers me without meaning too. i'd love to tell him something other than how much i love him. i'd love to hear him talk about something other than how much he loves me. i -do- love him. of that there is no doubt. but he hurts me so bad. what should i do? 020410
quikcheckgrl i love my boyfriend..he's so gentle n sweet, his soft kiss on my hand is the greatest feeling in the world. he made me fall in love with him without even knowing..i love spending time with him and laying in his arms..he's sweet and warm and kind and cute and everything that i could ever look for in a boyfriend..i love him so much, n i miss him every second that i'm not with him, i hate getting off the phone with him and kissing him y is it that i havent told him any of this? 020413
kill rhythm i dont even know if i have one anymore. my night has been full of tears... 020413
kerry my nonexistant boyfriend

but i would recognize him on the street if i saw him, though somehow i can't describe the contours of his face or his hands or his tongue tangled in mine. i couldn't even write a poem about it because i am so lost in finding him that all the longing blinds me***
lo he's a pathalogical liar.
he lies about the stupidest things.
things where the truth would be just as good.
the other day he cried cuz i can't trust him.
he says he's just protecting himself.
he's paranoid as fuck.
he gets hysterical over little things.
completly flips out about nothing.
i have to sit and try and deal with directionless anger till he breaks down into his self loathing and then regret for the scene he's made.
he hates himself and everyone around him.
it shows.
i just think he's so fucking beautiful.
he's such a mess. we match like that.
he can quote nearly any simposons episode ever made without it being on
he gave me a travel mug cuz i was always spilling hot coffee on my lap on my way to work. i had never mentioned wanting one.
when we're bored he makes up funny songs about bagels in etheopia and sofas in antartica. you wouldn't belive how funny he is. and his laugh is the oddest most wonderful sound.
the sticker on my car hurts his feelings.he does ridiculouly stupid things to seem tough.he's never mean to anyone. his favorite book is angelas ashes. he loves true stories. he loves the movie lenny. he like movies that make him think. he drools in his sleep and snores and has night sweats and nightmares constantly.
tired now and i'm sure you are too
Syrope what's the sticker on ur car say? 020424
kerry how old are you 020424
lo the sticker says i dig scrawny pale guys...i could help but get's corny but corny is good i think...he's sensitive about his looks...
if the age question was for me...21
Syrope hehe cool sticker 020425
Syrope hehe cool sticker 020425
kerry the age question was for you... i was curious for some reason.

cool sticker. i have an attraction to scrawny pale guys also... this causes me to be the butt of my friends' jokes, but it's all good...
indie.chickadee I haven't had one of those for awhile. 020508
jessicafletcher it's been seven months
the number to heaven
and i opened my eyes to you
maybe a week
it doesn't matter because
now your eyes look like what i've always seen
when i close my eyes
and you always have a look about you
that you could kiss me any second
when i met you
you said i was beautiful
i am beautiful now
when i feel your lips
i am alive
when your hand is closed it feels
that i could live inside it
you would always hold me
you are always holding me
you will soon be more than just
my boyfriend.
tabris metallium finally, one who i can finally identify with, one who understands what i mean by saving my words and by slipping into japanese when i do use who does not seek to define me, but rather to become part of what if i could just convince him that i am not an utter naif... 020517
click i really dig him, for now. we're going to see starwars episode II tonight, and we're going to hump in the bathroom. I can just feel it. 020521
angie i think i have all the "steps to getting a boyfriend" backwards or something. That is not what is supposed to happen...It won't get me anywhere...except for being the recipient of more dissappointed eyes.
Hopefully i can get all this right in college.
silentbob now i dont know, no i dont know, i dont know who your boyfriend is i dunno no i dunno, i dunno who your boyfriend is, i dunno, i dunno, i dont know who your boyfriend is i dont know no i dont know i dont know who your boyfriend is i dont know. 020716
not acidic shots were fired 020716
when darkness falls that girl has a boyfriend and she lives in a nother city far away from here and i only see her twice a week and when i do it feels so good. but she has a boyfriend who loves her and she doesn't need anyubody else, she's all set. but i need her, i love her too, desperately and i know that even if she felt the same our relationship wouldn't work out and that makes me feel sad, is that the boyfriend or is that the distance? i'm trying to figure out., but a good friend of mine told me that i could still hook up with her if i really wanted to but i don't see how... sweet misery 020805
angie You ain't gotta say too much from the look in your eyes I can tell u wanna fuck.
You ain't gotta call me your boo just as bad as u wanan fuck i wanna fuck too.

504 boys

I put this song on a cd four days ago. I get in your car...and what song is playing? None other than...this same song. I am starting to get used to these coincidences.
You are my boyfriend...
I don't think I will ever get used to saying these words. I normally just call u my tall boy to my friends...haha not my boyfriend.
I am proud of myself though...
I took things slow...
Didn't go backwards in the whole 'steps to getting a boyfriend' that i mentioned in my previous blather.
This is amazing.
girl_jane I don't want one...

I think.
devalis Mine lives in Brooklyn. Not so bad, but I live in Cleveland... in Ohio. Sucks. But it's right and I'm strong. Mostly. 020822
bethany i wanna say something nasty so it looks like girls with boyfriends are all needy

but gaddamn

i fucking want a pouty mouth, perfect smile, bedhead, stoner, college boy, cuddlebunny, skips work for romantic hikes and deals with my singing half the time, boyfrind
gay gizmo never had one, but the thought is quite intriging. someone to snuggle up to at night, or in the movies. someone to go to dinner with. someone to laugh with, cry with and grow with. oh wait....that describes at least 5 fag hags!! but they cant do me like he could 020926
young_and_spastic lover brother annoying-little-twit which you want always around need want what more can i say? 021009
jane what a stupid word 021010
lover boyfriends are too much trouble. its better to not have one so that you can have different experiences with different guys. but then again it is fun to have a guy give you presents and tell you that he loves you all the time. 021220
littleidiot i GUESS im this...
sort of..
aaghh. i dont understand. i care so ridiculously for you and seem to get completely shut out when i need you the most. i dont understand.
things used to be so different...
it was sweet, at least. innocent. pure.
but now it seems tainted--spoiled by our own mistrust. and i feel so empty. so lifeless.
i need you. you need me. why isn't this working?
celestias_shadow dont have one
dont want one

who the fuck am i kidding? most of the time i dont mind, but we ALL get lonely now and then. still, im happier without one, and thats the truth.
among the rest i got one. a good one, the best one.

in the beginning it took a while, a crazy while, to realize the obvious. everyone said that he was gay, and that made me cry. but that was worth it. cuz he loves me and

i got one. the best one
jane letter_to_sean 030221
Eowithien Someone to can let me cry or help me to when its needed. Someone who will come on my adventures in the park by the brook. Someone who doesn't care who sees our affection. Someone who will sit in my room and just rest with me. Someone who will tolerate and accept my oddities. Someone kind, someone gentle, someone who is in touch with things, someone who can judge themselves the way I judge myself and others, some guy...

that doesn't seem to exist.
girl_jane I did want one, and I have one. He's beautiful in sooo many ways. 030228
pipedream urgh, there's so much more to a full life than a ruddy boyfriend

'tis a self-created need--like bottled water :P
5 She was so wonderful.

Until she told me she wasn't a virgin.
She slept with some guy the other night.
She doesn't deserve me. Stupid submissive bitch.
girl_jane He is mine no longer. I let him go. I think I'll stay without for a while. I don't have time for a healthy relationship now... 030620
me boyfriend in a coma...from head to toe 030624
tomboy Never had one before.... Don't know what to do now that she does...she thinks.
Too shy too call, or message, to tell him she misses him like hell. Knowing he's to shy to call her, but that he does miss her. She hopes he knows that she misses him.
She thinks about buying a gift. Feels too awkward about it...
She never had one before. She's not romantic in the typical sense... She is such a tomboy. She likes it, but it's so awkward now...
scifininja i talk to him and he can't hear me but he listens 030720
not important gone now. maybe I should jsut give up on males entirely... 030727
stina They say they like me but wanna be friends. Then they cuddle and kiss me. They're too cute to resist. What will i do. i dont wanna sneak no more. i want a real boyfriend.
When will it be real?

you like me
i like you
you need me
i need you
there is no one else
please just be my boyfriend
shivers we never talk...
well, i never talk
to neone it seems
i thought it might be different with him, and it is... i guess being quiet is just who i am
girl_jane Mine cheated. He's not mine anymore... 030909
Miers the only thing that matters to me, the reason i wake up in the morning, the reason i dream
the reason im sad and lonely
my boyfriend is so far away and i wish i could forget him. but love gets in the way.
Miers the only thing that matters to me, the reason i wake up in the morning, the reason i dream
the reason im sad and lonely
my boyfriend is so far away and i wish i could forget him. but love gets in the way.
Miers the only thing that matters to me, the reason i wake up in the morning, the reason i dream
the reason im sad and lonely
my boyfriend is so far away and i wish i could forget him. but love gets in the way.
close your pretty little eyes my idea of a perfect world is...

a boy, who is totally devoted to me, many of them actually, but I can go out and do whatever I want, whenever I want with whomever I want. I am not ready to be devoted obviously.
misstree though i don't want to return to that easy peace, that unstirring comfort, at times like this, i very much crave the quiet warmth of his arms around me. 030922
pobodys nerfect (in a filling in the blanks kinda mood today)
I wish he was my _________.
celestias shadow why do i care? why the FUCK do i care? 031012
Winnie I really 'like' this guy, i'm not quite sure its love...actually i don't think it is... but i love being around him, i love the way he makes me laugh, i love how hes not the HOTTEST thing but is really cute, and is soo sweet to me. so i sucked it up and i told him i like him....he said he liked me too...the thing is he lives far away from me, and doesnt think its a good idea, cuz of the distance...but i really like him? should i say something? 031024
Winnie when darkness falls, i think its a bit of both...but if u got together, wouldn't u both want more? instead of just seein each other every so often? wouldn't u want to be with the one u love ALL the thime? i know exactly how u feel....maybe worse, cuz the guy i like, likes me too...but its the distance....i visit him as much as i can, he visits me as much as he cans...but even tho its enough for me to want to think we'd be the perfect couple....he wants more...he wants to be able to see me more. is it cuz i love him more, and thats y i think we could work? or am i just askin to much? 031025
j_blue ok, so this guy is my boyfriend, i guess

i have way too much in common with him

it drives me crazy sometimes - our flaws bounce off each other and reverberate

it makes me wish i were a meaner person, or (and - i guess - as my cerebral/cognitive self has informed me, via perspective-shift) wish the * the world were a nicer, happier place * - ew

girl_jane synonym: trouble

ShilohLives I don't have one....I haven't had one in ....long time....well..Oh well.. 031106
Why? I wish I had one, I almost did once, but I fucked it up. Damn I suck. 031106
mystix tends to get on my nerves... I find myself happier without one. More time to myself and my friends to just hang out. Not having to check in and have someone wanting to know where I am all the damn time 040111
angela an absolutley amazing person. he makes me feel weak& he gives me butterflies. ive never felt that...and i like it. god, hes fucking b e a u t i f u l. 040121
shine you drive me crazy.
you make me laugh.
i cry on your shoulder
grasping tight your shirt.
you hold back your tears
telling me everything will be fine soon.

where are you now?
are you hurt?
do you miss me?
are you passed out after a short fuck from some whore?
why do you do this to me?
why do i do this to myself?
where are you now?

if you only knew how many times that knife has passed through my mind.
yes, the one you told me to get rid of else i'd do it again.
only one cut, one pretty little cut.
not three, four, ten, twenty, just one.
i promise i'll do it again.
i want to hurt you like you hurt me, or at least i think you hurt me.

oh boyfriend of mine, save me.
hold me close.
kiss me.
love me.
hold me.

you say forever.
when will forever start?
chemical we woke up in the dead of night, outside of las vegas. i had been having a nightmare. he said,"let me hold you." 040219
Novice You...and you know who you are, should of been MY boyfriend right now...not her. 040311
her royal highness the quirk i want one 040412
when darkness falls winnie, i know how u feel 2... the girl i was talking about moved to my city and we're friends now, sometimes we hang out by she has no clue how i feel... she's still with her boyfriend and i don't want to ruin our friendship... if u think you two willl be perfect together, you probably will. 040505
when darkness falls but soemtimes i think i shouldn't have waited this long... it's too late for me, the distance factor has changed everything... i was there when she broke up with her boyfriend, but i wan't there when she found someone else... girl like that doesn't come along too often... 040505
. . 040822
minnesota_chris And whatever happened to a boyfriend
The kind of guy who tries to win you over?
And whatever happened to a boyfriend
The kind of guy who makes love 'cause he's in it?

Just that I didn't think this would happen again
With or without my best intentions

And I want a boyfriend I want a boyfriend
I want all that stupid old shit like letters and sodas

And I can feel it in my bones
I'm gonna spend another year alone

from "f**k and run" by Liz Phair

(hates song lyrics on Blather, but I have this song in my head)
chels my first "real" boyfriend used me for my physical side. draining all but one innocent feeling from my body. One day he approached me and explained that he just didn't like me anymore. After that I used my body as a way to connect with people, i passed myself around from one guy to the next hoping to feel better. when i didn't i gave up on guys all together. then matt came along. he was different and unbeknownst to me didn't believe in messing around. but he lived four hours away so i had no way of knowing for i didn't want to bring the subject up. we meet up over spring break and me thinking that he only wanted me for my body gave him just that. he broke up with me three days later saying that we were better friends. it was really because he didn't want a girl who was so not pure. after that i stopped trusting guys all together. i year later i have found myself in a relationship yet i do not trust him and every time i am with him i pretend to be some where far off. i dont like him not because there is something wrong with him but because there is something wrong with me. this word "boyfriend" has scared and ruined me... or maybe it is just the boy... or maybe the relationship. take a simple word like boyfriend and let it control your life, "he is my boyfriend," "my boyfriend says no" "my boyfriend forced me to do this but its ok" 050204
eklektic i would another one, please.

or at least someone to cuddle with who doesn't always want to fuck his "mocha hippie"
lo he was crazy but i did love him. but without trust it can only go so far. it was actually the longest relationship i've ever had -two years, whoa- big one right? well for me yes.
he was my boyfriend and my best friend and it's been over for a while. and how much signifigance can i put on memories never knowing if they were true? he was a liar, completly horribly damamged (though so much of that two years seemed completly normal) and i'm left wondering if i was merely an audience for his elaborate show.
carina i love doing it with my boyfriend 050423
Glory Box i love my boyfriend.

kissing shadows just over two months.
sweet guy, he doesn't need to be put through this.
after spending ages thinking all i needed was someone to be with, i've decided i'm right.
i just don't think it's a boyfriend i want.

i'm sorry.
devilbunny If my love for you were a muffin, it would contain the biggest blueberies known to mankind and also bran to keep me regular. And I would need a fork the size of Greenland with which to eat it. 061110
what's it to you?
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