mikey drips from many peoples words here on blue. its ugly. 010309
florescent light cliquey callow conversations creep off countless blathers;
Causing cantankerous cognizance.
Gollum Black Metal 010801
Tank "You sat down with such venom", he said, but I was only tired. He didn't believe me though... 010801
Gunel "Galina" Everyone thought she was innocent, and so did she. She always smiled, even when she was sad. She had beautiful leaves and a long, green stem. She was a white rose. She didn't have any thorns; she never hurt anyone once they touched her. She always attracted people. She bloomed every morning - even at night. She brought happiness to everyone.

One day, a person got close to her and admired her so. He fell in love with her and wanted to bring her home. She understood this, but couldn't do anything about it. He reached for her, and tried to pick her. At that point, her stem broke in half and red liquid oozed out of her stem. He thought she had started to bleed; so he touched the red liquid. It was warm and numbing. He started to feel ease and he became relaxed. He saw pictures: pictures of his past and thoughts of his future. Before he knew it, the images disappeared. What he didn't realize was that the red liquid was poison. She was made of pure venom.
j_blue fills my vains

makes my eyes emit daggers wihtout thought (buth, then again, i_am_transmparent)

i hate this feeling - i wish i_were_skeletore - so i could do mean and ironic things (i_MUST_be_ironic)

i feel guilty though

i've just been blatantly mean to my squeamish, sensitive, annoying (and who knows what alse) boyfriend

guilt, yikes
tyler waters a poison dart shot directly for my heart,
its infecting my blood stream
makes me wanna kick and scream
the certain feeling is nice,
but when i got no dice makes me want
to fight and destroy everything in sight
curse these wild fires of desire
the venom that came from you
forces me to persue the cure
so simple and pure: your allure
wotan nothing to say
veno mone
and saying it
onev enom
over and
moven evnom
again over
what's it to you?
who go