ikon cause sometimes, i think robert smith is the only man who's ever truly been in love. 000221
gaudior i resent that. 000223
lotusflower we need one for everything. we're all sick of something or other. i'm sick of
doing the same things everyday, sick of routine.
and these chicken enchiladas i've been eating this whole week...god am i sick of them.
marjorie i see your named your god, "ennui".
and then you cried out for a cure
sacrificed your right to be
and in the end, were not.
screams erupting around crumbling stone
makes for a beautiful picture
but sadly, it does not bring the cure
for your god.
Silent Bob every time we do this i fall for her. wave after wave after wave, its all for her. i know this can't be wrong i say, and i lie to keep her happy as long as i know that you know that today i belong right here with you....right here with you.
and we watch the sun come up from the edge of the deep green sea. and she listens like her heads on fire like she wants to believe in me.
so i try.
put your hands in the sky
surrender, remember, we'll be here forever and we'll never say
I've never been so colorfully-see-thru-head before
I've never been so wonderfully-me-you-want-some more.
and she smiles as she looks down at my breaking face.
"Why do you cry? What did i say?"
"It's just rain" i smile, brushing my tears away.
I wish i could just stop. i know another moment will break my heart. too many tears, too my times, too many years i've cried over you.
melisssssssa i have a rash on my knee that WILL NOT go away no matter what i do. i think of it as a metaphor for my life. icky, scratchy, wanna make it stop. 000613
lilt to ikon:
i agree
no one pounds it out quite like he does.
grips it to the core, over and over
sweet then sour sweet then harder than rain, so sweet it'll kill you
especially when you're 39 and it's your favorite song (that's his)
lilt to gaudior:
prove it.
silentbob i could probably pass as the son of robert_smith and i have pictures of him all over my room. its from a 1998 Cure calender. they should have just said it was a robert_smith calander. i mean, really! 000816
stupidpunkgirl this boy has the cure posters plastered on every inch of his room. he has every album and single by them in every format.
i miss laying on his bed and looking up to see robert smith staring back at me.
twiggie i love the cure 001228
sabbie "no neil, it's madness this week" 010225
Morelen The cure...there are so many things i can, want to say about them.....they are just the most wonderful band....robert wonderful 010225
stupidpunkgirl i hate the cure....maybe if i didn't have the association they would of had a better chance... 010226
bijou of the New York Dolls gimme the shot, gimme the pill.. 010813
bijou of Fugazi gimme the cure... 010813
firefly effect I'm running out of time
I'm out of step and closing down
And never sleep for wanting hours
The empty hours of greed and uselessly
Always the need to feel again
The real belief of something more than mockery
If only i could fill my heart with love

he has that on that shirt of his....
ClairE the_cure.

I could eat them up.

never stopping.
krebs there's nothing left but faith 020328
dionysos where is the ritual where is the taste
where is the sacrifice where is the faith
someday there'll be a cure for pain
and that's the day I throw my drugs away
where is the cave where the wise women went
and where's all that money that I spent
I propose a toast to my self control
see it crawling helpless on the floor

-Morphine, "Cure For Pain"
sabbie praytell- cure for what, mr smith? 020328
j_blue let hp put 'pictures of you' on a commercial 031026
realistic optimist omg i saw that commercial! i was enjoying the music too much to get really aggro... but the cure are definitely one of my top 5 bands i have almost every song and album in serveral formats. you have to respect a man of such passion and feeling. 031026
gad death is cure
disease is existance
hey, its not that bad at all
just, life is all that needs to be cured
a complete lack of anything
a waste
but there need not be such thing as waste.
superleni halo is my favourite cure song
its one of their happiest songs
it was one of my ex-boyfriends' favourite cure song and i caught it off him. its friday i'm in love's b side.
he (thomas) doesn't talk to me anymore...because i think i accidentally jumped around on his feelings. but i'm not sure - he won't tell me why he won't talk to me!
i wish he would talk to me again though.
it sucks knowing someone you quite like has such a huge issue with you they can't even deal with it...or you.
not very budhist of him...which he was kinda into.
what's it to you?
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