birdmad madly, deeply from the depths of my soul

whether or not you believe it is up to you.

but i already know the answer to that already
For sure!'s good to be truly sorry about something wrong you've done. 000712
jencina truly was what he held in his hand
only letting it breathe for a short time
till he gave it up, threw it to the sky
turned his back on me
and never told me why
truly was my love
that i gave to him that day
when i looked into his eyes
my sadness fell away
away fell into darkness
darkness dwelled down for years
years led to our destruction
i never told him i loved him
when that was all he needed to hear.
truly was my love
i kept hidden away
always buried deep into you
always burned deep like you
always knew the destiny
tragic downfalls after the ectasy
the night we reflected each other
the night we fell in love
the night we made it forever
promises hang from above
. 040731
nom "is there such a thing as false love" 070528
what's it to you?
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