dallas That's what I see in your eyes when you return to me from the depths of your personal bout with anger, love, and fear. 980907
Pacia a warm, compassionate envelope. 981107
me? gravity of mind is elemental to the advancement of oleanders. 991110
dizzy the land that lies beyond the light 000219
Verdulum The unknown lurks in the dark, and yet it is comforting, beckoning. 000221
Midnight Bliss prevails when nothing else can, it secludes you so you can be alone. it helps sooth pain, yet it also brings about a lot of pain. darkness is one of those things that just helps you clear your mind...and helps you see the truth behind the body. without darkness, i could not function...darkness brings about faith in yourself. 000319
MollyGoLightly Darkness is plastic. Darkness is for sale, same as everything else. 000323
Free Darkness seems to cover the Earth. 000424
miniver There are birdies nested in my aircondtioner -- outside, there, right under the large living room window. They've been there for a month or two, now...snuggled into the sizable indentations on either side of the vent.

They're a noisy bunch, too; I can hear them scratching and shuffling about late at night.

So can my cat...
Quiggz When evil descends, and darkness consumes...

I am Dark One, Lord of Spam!
Quiggz Light cannot exist with out darkness, and vice versa... for each one is only used to describe the lack of the other. So it is with good and evil. All things must coexist, even if they exist to destroy one another. Lack of balance destroys both sides, and only leads to entropy. 010101
Quiggz Light cannot exist with out darkness, and vice versa... for each one is only used to describe the lack of the other. So it is with good and evil. All things must coexist, even if they exist to destroy one another. Lack of balance destroys both sides, and only leads to entropy. 010101
***ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***

Subject: Darkness, Perception & Nature

The magic / fallacy of Man's perception as above from Quiggz.

The beauty / truth of Nature as below:-

Darkness is as illusive as light,so as good and evil.

All things, from a Mote of Dust to GOD, from nothing to everything, are connected and interconnected in the Universe like Internet, WWW, etc..;
and are thus neither good nor evil,
neither dark nor light, etc.

Balance, entropy, etc are just buzzwords or marketing plots created by so called Renowned Thinkers to justify their existence.

Copyright 2001. ubliss.com
amy i sungun onyun crumpkin tonsermythunkenone

(i'm gonna bow now.)
G_wiz13 its amazing how the feelings that i feel could be summed up into one word 010103
April The sound when no one is home yet you know in your heart your not at all alone there. 010117
lame darkess is freedom. You can move undetected and silent...until you gotta rattle that can and utilize your trigger finger. Trainyards fuckin rock, tell me somewhere I'd rather be in the darness of night...beautify the scenery! 010404
Glennaieve is the light within I live, the walls that surrond my mind, I am a nobody a vessel for he who controls me, I live wthin the darkness. 011009
god step_off_the_mouse , i have some spam for you 011128
ralph ! darkness is my mind's spiral...
the electric light bulb has arrived to carry us out of the dark ages, shouldnt we all pay hommage, flatter it with kisses, flowers, hugs, asses?
the lord bless you - yeah right.
zulu fear, terror...Imagination is worse than reality 020628
AzAber Ther are so many lights on computers in my room that it's never dark. Sometimes I like to switch the computers off after the lights and watch the colorful points fall away into black. 020916
Mr Pete Well, once again, I find myself staring out from a dark hole. I keep thinking that I have almost made it out, but then my foot slips, and I find myself back where I started. How do you get out? Where do I go? What do I do? Please........ 021229
Mr Pete Some find comfort in darkness, others find fear. It is what's in the mind that shows us the shapes in the darkness. And the noises from beyond. 021229
gloom I live in perpetual darkness, gloom. The only thing I can see are my own feelings reflected in the void.. My hopes look like stars in the darkness. ... 021230
sarahs friend I sit in the darkness, smelling the scent of a blown out candle...listening to the sound and the beat of the music...thoughts of her fill your head, her voice fills your thoughts wishing to never part and hold her all night,wishing it to never end...left with a question, why do we fall in love with those who do cannot with us...or those who we wish can be ours now hoping and waiting for the day to come they'll say yes...some times it doesn't come....but I still stand hoping and waiting 030102
celestias_shadow it wasn't there when i left the house, but when i returned, there it was. sitting in the living room chair like an old friend. then again, i guess it is. it's been following me most of my life now, i should know it as well as my own shadow. which i barely know at all. i mean, come on, who honestly takes the time to study their own shadow? we all have things to do; lives to live, lies to tell, smiles to fake, laughs to share, clothes to wear, friends to make, music to listen to, food to eat, hearts to break, and tears to cry. life is too short to watch the darkness. until the day it follows you home and lies down in your bed, takes over all you loved. it looks at you from the eyes of your lovers, your family, your friends, the mirrors. you can't even trust the sun. close your curtains, shut your windows, lock your doors, curl up naked in a corner and hope that it will leave. but what you fail to realize is that in dispelling the darkness, you have created your own. 030225
meesh for the love of god!
bring me the night
where I can hide
where there is safety
where i can be alone
not important darkness is such a friend
all the nights spent
with eyes aching from the monitor's glow
or prowling though the shadows outside
always searching for answers
till dawn taints the perfect sky
/anon paint it black.

its so alone. i want them all to leave so i can lay rest in my black and maybe then my identity will start to disappear.
mad bird with a paintbrush paint_it_black 030712
xXShadow_GoddessXx Darkness, the true pain from within. Followed by the pain and suffering, lost within the shadows. 030726
blown cherry I've lost my friend who used to get me through the darkness. Now I have to cope with it on my own. 031010
Lemon_Soda I go hear to think...I can't help but think...in the darkness. 031010
Death of a Rose Is a gravity well of no escape.

ball it up into your palm and give it to the wind.
harumi it's something everyone fears yet,
for some reason, some people want it
they want it to enter their minds
and consume their hearts
while the others deny it's exsitance
the harsh reality of it....
xXShadow_GoddessXx inner darkness...what I am trapped in, where I have come to be alone...I fine it hard to live here in these lost shadows...but there is no other way...this is my burden...and I am ready to accept this cosuming darkness that surrounds me from within... 031019
oldephebe i cannot speak into or upon that which i do not know..but i am saddened by your sense of fatalism .. i hope some how some ragged shard of light will eventually begin to rend the "shale curtain of sky" within you. And i say this entombed in my own sarcophagus of the sad ..but sad is such a simple word eh? reductive...the dark encompasses so much more eh? a living tumescense .. this supercilious silhuette at once diaphanous and yet like an anchor it crouches upon your chest and then enters you .. ok i ah had intended to write something up lifting .. wound up casting my dregs of desolation into someone else's realm again...

The Child of Blight wishes he could summon the light, the hope to come pouring into these pages ..
and why is it that sometimes my heart thrills at these evocations of depletion..hmmm..?
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl Lying on a bed of dying roses
my life trickling from a thousand slashes
I waited for you
but you deserted me

i watched her crimson smirk
as she took you
far far away
into the light

when i was left naked
in the wet and cold
there in the dark
tasting the bitterness of love

so much pain
so cold
just to surrender to the darkness
to feel the seductive embrace

but then i saw her
a wraith-like flitter
not in the light
but in the dark
like me

her eyes travelled across me
lying defeated
she looked through me
i felt her compassion
and her


easing the pain
no more anger
just the emptiness

time will heal

and she gave me all the time
i would ever need

but if i see him
walking in the light
as i slink in the shadows

what will become of me?
what will become of him?
what shall i do?

my angel left me
and now i must live
i love her
i love him

i wait for the pain
sometimes it's there
sometimes it's not

but i'm still here.
panic comes before the light.
is the void behind the stars.
is in my heart and shrouds my body.
keeps me from finding you.
pansy Darkness that is all around
Frightening trees wherever I look
Embraced by xanthic moonlight
I stand still, paralyzed
Waiting for daybreak to come
Waiting for the light that
would warm up my heart hard enough
for me to start new life
to make the first step forward
first step towards the light
towards the freedom
soullinguist In deepest silence I still hear you
In darkness I sometimes still see you
Too many hours we spent apart
Too many hours we spent together
I feel the time hold me to you
Sometimes you held me, too

Other lives, other places
Another day we’ll see our faces
Growing old and lined
Passing through time
When I’m alone I will
Remember you made my life stand still

Mysteries of kisses we never shared
Do you remember the night we never had
Too many masks I’ve worn, Too many times
I’ve never told you, stored up love in lines
Of songs and poems lost and meaningless
Things I said and felt still seeming less.
bryn Sweet, lonely darkness...
Ebony ripples in time
Cover my eyes in peace
Giving time to take in
Who I am... Oh, sweet
melancholy darkness
my ink, my jet, my black
Sweep me up in your arms
Trailing moonbeam silver
That lights with the sable
ambermoon i will let you take me over
pushing me down like drowning
only i can still breath
you hold my life under your spell
not only my nights
but my days as well
your touch is like a lovers
only cold
instead of the heat i should feel
i am part of what i was before
there are things that even you can not take from me.
i have lost myself to you, my darkness
only to find something i never dreamed of in its place.
this is why i give myself freely to you you that helps me hide from who i really am.
as long as you are there i can pretened that every things ok
The Marksman . 040324
broken it lets me excuse myself to a new world 040401
love & hate The darkness surrounds me. Not only at night but during the day as well. Suffocating me, making it harder to breathe, making me sick, making me permanently ill. But the darkness isn't always bad, not when i'm with you. The darkness is good, i can confide in it, i can be safe in it, i can live in it, i can be it itself, as long as you are there. I breathe the darkness, i smell the darkness, i taste the darkness, i feel the darkness, i hear the darkness, as it hears me. It comes to me, it is drawn to me, drawn by my hatred of life, drawn by the constant sorrow in my heart, drawn by the tears that roll down my cheeks, drawn by my love for her. The love is not "wrong" love, it is right love, it is true, honest love. Love that will never fade away into the darkness. But the darkness makes it grow stronger, the darkness feeds it, the darkness swallows it and makes it expand. In the darkness, passionate deeds are done, love is made, body's touch, flesh on flesh. In the darkness, my dreams come true, with you and me, alone in the darkness, always, forever, eternally. The darkness is ours, it belongs to us, not to me, not to you, but both of us together. Something we can share, something that will help us. The darkness is ours, and always will be. The darkness breeds in us, spreading to every other living person, good and bad. The darkness is good, embrace the darkness, embrace it as i do you. Embrace her soft sensual body as it was your own, touch it, feel it, all over, know it by heart, see it in your dreams, taste it in your dreams. The darkness is ours katie, i can become the darkness if that is what you want me to do. If that is how you want to stay, in the darkness, i will join you, we can be together in the darkness, alone, just the two of us. Breathing, living, existing, loving in the darkness. As the darkness surrounds us, the breaths get shorter, the heart beats slower, the eyes get heavier, as we melt, sink, succumb to it, to everything that it is, to everything it can do, to everything it wants us to be. Join me, in this never-ending darkness, or save me from it. 040419
_alone & lost_ Why is life so complicated?
Mercilessly taken from my soul
All these steps I've climbed along the way
Then I am shoved off into the darkness
Falling silently, screaming inside
Can't wake the sleeping mosnters
My heart pulled from my chest
And locked up somewhere away
Tens of thousands of miles I've traveled from being able to breath
Im finding it harder and harder.
I have to escape,
To find me
when will I find the truth
That lies beneath this barren desert
Away from all things that are pure
Crying, trying to understand this
But never to succeed
I'm here to bleed
Save this haunted body from destruction
It decays to fall away
I know I'll never find the way
I'll never make it out
I sit here, comforted by the darkness
My tears, and icy river of dismay.
pete she comes to take us away into her 040517
silver tears so much darkness
a vast ocean of midnight sky
above me
blackened stars, only holes in the atmosphere
i sit on my steps
look up at the blue night clouds
and wonder why
Spinner for a real definition of darkness, read "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski...

Darkness leaves you alone to deal with the reality of yourself.
villain daydream truer words have seldom been spoken 041119
Lemon_Soda Nice, spinner. 041119
syrope it was dark when i left for work this morning
it's going to be so hard to leave and come home in the dark for the next so many months

i don't like this, i wanna start over and be completely irresponsible and dependent and carefree. i'm tired of taking so much into consideration for every decision i make. enough.
z darkness presses on my eyes with velvet pads and flows like air over me seeping into my clothes and myself like the liquid that it is, and i feel it's pull upward, that slight lift that raises toes and keeps me drifting while i listen the cascade of drowned noises all around, and they bounce starkly, passing through me on their way to resting places in corners and under chairs and stops. 050921
Barefoot Revolutionary darkness in my nethermind. darkness is my life, my time and days and nights and sleep and wake. darkness. i am trapped in the claustrophobia of my mind. subconcious. scared and lonely. never will i know the light again. never will i see the glimmer of a beautiful spring day. my heart has died, never to be reborn. never to be tranformed. my hands cover my face as a mask. to be known by people is to be vulnerable. so here i sit in my dark tragic cave of lonliness. forever. 051109
oren 10 points. 051109
ivyducktwilightseto the only place I feel at home 051109
z untested truths unfurled the holes in my map while i wonder how futures will create me in the wanderings of paths not taken are shadow lands of possibility where no voice or hand will rise to mark the beauty that did not happen is as a darkness fallen in a forever with no time untaken and stops 051118
ivyducktwilightseto written about two years ago...

What is Darkness?

Darkness is a power
An overwhelming power
The force that consumes all
With a hunger that is insatiable
A power that threatens
A power that corrupts
An unstoppable power
That seems so abrupt

Darkness is a location
A place where we all come from
And the place where we all go
An infinite expanse of nothing
With nothing ahead
And nothing behind
No one is there
Nothing appears
In the large dark void

Darkness is a wavelength
Opposite that light
Which we all love
A shadow lingering on the wall
And dissipates when the sun glances
The thing that appears
When the lights go off

Darkness is beautiful
Where we hide
What we feel
What inspires us
What we all come to love

I read that aloud as part of an english assignment. When I started the last stanza I heard several sighs of impatience. I didn't write for quite a while after that.
Aldente Darkness is only absence of light. 060401
jlymry327 darkness is february in iowa. its not being able to live. its bed. its dark at 5. darkness is hopeless. darkness is drunk. darkness is hangover. darkness is the next day. regret. shakes. shame. darkness is never knwoing whats next and not caring or caring too much. darkness is something i live in. the sadness.

dark with lights-dark with stars. dark is beauty. dark is hope. dark is careless. dark is secret. dark is shameless. dark is easy. dark is beauty and wonderful and easy.

dark is everything. and nothing and everything again.
***r@|\|$c3|\|d3|\|@|_*** the absence of any spectrum and the sad reality of some. 060903
empty i have lived so long in the darkness,
i can no longer see in the light.
once i finally wanted to be rid of her
she wouldnt leave
she eats with me
she sleeps with me
she keeps me warm
something about her presence comforts me
and scares me to death
*Amy* I've been faking my smile for so long. It's been so many years I'm not happy that I don't know how it feels anymore. When I'm alone I'm relaxed because I don't have to fake that I'm happy, that I enjoy life, that I have an objective in life and I'm doing everything to reach it, that I find sense in it, in life...I don't. I can wear a costume of happyness for the outside, but I'm full of darness in the inside... 061223
*Amy* I've been faking my smile for so long. It's been so many years I'm not happy that I don't know how it feels anymore. When I'm alone I'm relaxed because I don't have to fake that I'm happy, that I enjoy life, that I have an objective in life and I'm doing everything to reach it, that I find sense in it, in life...I don't. I can wear a costume of happyness for the outside, but I'm full of darness in the inside... 061223
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(i didn't do that, and i didn't know the name had been used.)

no, don't fuck usa. please, thank you.
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