jennifer I don't have an inner monologue
I have an inner dialogue
and it likes to fight with itself
like my id
Erin You know Im pretty
You know Im happy
happy happy happy!
You know how I speak
You know how I dress
You think you know everything about me
Well you may think im always happy
You may think you know me so well
I'm deeper than you think I have so much more to tell.
Do you know my dreams my troubles
Do you know where I want to go
That I want to have dinner in NYC
paint a picture, travel, read
Do you know I right poems
That no one understands but me?
Do you I know what your thinking
Since you really have nothing to hide
I feel its better to hide some things
And if you feel the need to share them with someone
And share all of them all the time,
Then you have found your true love...
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