silentbob she likes me.
she likes me.
she LOVES you.
but she likes me.
thirsty my stomach is full
my mouth tastes like pepper
its saturday night and i'm afraid im the only person with nothing to do. i'd at least like someone for me to talk to and say, "man, i'm the biggest loser in the world."
once again likes staying up late, likes sleeping in, likes reckless driving with the radio loud. likes cats and freckles and the color orange. likes the way that you smile...

and orange moons, and pink sunsets, and the way the ocean turns green. likes frozen rivers and falling snow... and autumn leaves best of all.

likes movies and books and almost every song she's ever heard played. likes the way her hair looks somedays... likes the shades of the color green. like to pretend she's perfectly fine...

likes life.
what's it to you?
who go