ravensfears The lack of going away. 020220
blown cherry Am I delaying the inevitable?
Am I delaying progress?
But who could stand in the way of such a mighty force?
Is it slowing or just changing direction?
From the dark spot it looks to be slowing.
A kick start is needed, but could be a long time coming.
The first try was carefully dodged. Perhaps that was a mistake.
Could it be reattempted?
Maybe I lack the strength for that just now.

Staying here,
in stagnant and decaying waters.
I have to get out
but how far do I need to go?
crows feat the fear of leaving 021011
shorlove for "nothing" after all. 030427
Lou fuck that bitch for leaving me. I guess we couldn't be so nicely matched on everything. 110808
what's it to you?
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