Quintessensual with will or against will 991122
troy will be with me, -always.. 000106
ceorl inertia's shadow 000118
Barrett "These are not the droids you are looking for."
"These are not the droids were looking for."
kx21 The Weaver of Matter 020312
phil gravity 030114
Louise you force yourself upon me...
i feel used.
but i must like it,
even a little-
because i never fight back
Death of a Rose recantations, internal & external struggles 031015
A word from our sponser she doesn't know how, that's why she doesn't fight and she never believes her own perception making her uncertain...

we will have to pause for a second...
j if you would hold my arms above my head
just so
that is all the force i need
that and you (bigger than me, biggering
before me), that and you
pulling me afterword up above your head
push me far
then touch me sweet
kid andre Mass times acceleration. 050425
what's it to you?
who go