me? a screaming comes across the sky. it has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now. 991110
andrea the world i once conceived as mine
is now descending into oblivion
with me trailing along behind,
hoping to catch up.
trying to grab a hold of it.
perhaps to slow it down,
maybe to speed it up.
whatever my motive,
i must accomplish something.
i ned to seek that greater level.
a sense of higher living.
a fulfilment of my soul.

copyright 2000
amy the things that make eap reel:

"...each atom attracts every other atom...

Had we discovered, simply, that each atom tended to some one favorite point- to some especially attractive atom- we should still have fallen upon a discovery which, in itself, would have sufficed to overwhelm the mind: -but what is it that we are actually called upon to comprehend? That each atom attracts- sympathizes with the most delicate movements of every other atom, and with each and with all at the same time, and forever, and according to a determinate law of which the complexity, even considered by itself solely, is utterly beyond the grasp of the imagination of man. If I propose to ascertain the influence of one mote in a sunbeam upon its neighboring mote, I cannot accomplish my purpose without first counting and weighing all the atoms in the Universe and defining the precise positions of all at one particular moment. If I venture to displace, by even the billionth part of an inch, the microscopical speck of dust which lies now upon the point of my finger, what is the character of that act upon which I have adventured? I have done a deed which shakes the Moon in her path, which causes the Sun to be no longer the Sun, and which alters forever the destiny of the multitudinous myriads of stars that roll and glow in the majestic presence of their Creator."

so powerful, that eap.
miniver Killing plants is sorta tragic, too,
when one considers.
It's been said before.

We even have a death-name for it.
You know, pig is ham, cow is beef...
Dead plants are vegetables.
I think we wouldn't like eating, so,
if we called food what it really was.
Like, say, "I'm going to have a pig sandwich." Or, even "a dead pig sandwich". Hah.

Oh, well.
Plants don't have brains.
But, then,
we don't have vacuoles or xylem or phloem.
I wish
I wish
I wish to be more photosynthesish.
birdmad there is no gravity.

earth sucks.
amy love... attraction... sex...necks...
(i have always felt it better to not think too much about love-- love love, of course that probably has nothing to do with relationships. the four of cups i'm always dealing with)...and i probably love plants for all i know... in fact, i do because they're so different, you know, sweets?

(do you understand what there is to give here?)

coffee has this alternating aggressive/effusive effect on me.
SomeoneElse is really fucking scarey man... 000420
miniver You know,
we do have vacuoles...

amy i wanna see em 000420
The Schleiffen Man It isn't far to Hush-a-bye Mountain and your boat waits down by The Key. 001018
tourist A freind of mine (Barry Brown) has a theory that Gravity does NOT suck, but in fact BLOWS instead. That what we sense as gravity is actualy the pressure of all the radiant energy of all the stars everywhere pushing against our own molecular force.
With A large enough collection of mass, you become sheilded from this pressure, and so you don't recieve any pressue exerted from that side. So it seems that you are being pulled toward the mass when actually you are being pushed into it from above.
None the less if you are pushed from a great height it will still feel the same when you hit.
freakizh i want this gravity to be no longer mine. 010715
A. Nonymous Gravity is what holds everything together... It's like the duct-tape of the universe. 040413
man gravity is quite handy really 050620
mp21k ...the force of gravity is counterbalanced by the temperature and density... 060513
mp21k ...the force of gravity is counterbalanced by the temperature and density... 060513
ivyducktwilightseto the only obstacle to my soul bounding upwards and upwards until there is no more up, down, left, or right and i morph into the true phoenix i am and fly forever into my own oblivion and never come back 060515
big_bang_theory "O gravity! Thou art a heartless bitch!" 080327
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