me? quit this silence. bridge the gap between boredom and chaos. share with the world how black everything is.

I. "I don't know how to defend myself."
II. "They all intimidate me."
III. "I can't solve my problems."
IV. "Everything I like is illegal, immoral, or fattening."
V. "I can't help the way i feel."
VI. "Why do I have such lousy luck?"
VII. "Evolution is blind and impersonal."
VIII. "I'm not psychic, and I doubt that anyone is."
amy an action, but never a person. 000203
tourist Ameobas and other simple life forms.
they seem to get along well,
though not always with me,
don't drink the water unless you boil it first.
chanaka rather be heartless and
horribly cruel
than get ripped to shreads
starting with my
miniver Sometimes, I seem to enjoy making myself sorta 'sexless', personality-wise...which, to heterosexual guys, can be considered heartless, I guess.

I mean, I probably appear to people at first sight as more sexful. Yes. And I almost always end up flirting, but I can be somewhat calculated and indifferent about it, or can become that way at any moment. I think it may be a bit of a conflict between my past self and my present self. Or between looks and brains.

Or does that just make me a 'tease'?

Or does that just make me a girl?

But, I've got a big heart. I'm nice. I'm a sucker. I'm just not a SEXUAL sucker...metaphorically speaking. Aha.

I think I just like to play.

Are most girls like that? Or, most young girls, perhaps?
psycho_babe what is heartless?
Are you heartless?
Am I heartless?
Why are you a fucking bastard with no fucking clue? All the pain you cause me, is not real to anyone. but yourself....
psychobabe damn i like my early work *smiles* 011101
Xipe Totec tear me open

rip it out

feed my blood to the sun that it may rise another day
lost my girlfriend just told me that she wasnt going to let me push her away. for some reason i always try and push people away because i dont want to get hurt again. she told me that she wasnt going to let me. i know she cares now. 011101
Sonya No matter how many times
I'm there for you,
or how much I care for you,
or how much I share with you,
you push me away.
We have little words left to say.

Promises of eternal love and devotion,
served as your sadistic potion.
You asked, "What do you expect?"
I said, "Honesty and respect."
Your lies hidden behind a sweet smile,
you're nothing but hurtful and vile.

I wish I could have seen.
I wish that I was more keen.
Then I could have prevented this mess,
because I'd know that you're heartless.
unhinged take it

i don't want it anymore

(i think this is where that bloody heart-shaped box valentine comes into play or something)
girl_jane not me...I still have mine... 020915
shorlove ...thing to believe in beliefs.
wishing to see pretentiousness somewhere else.
finess you seriously were the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
Never have i been treated more horribly than how you treated me.
Too many years were lost with you.
what's it to you?
who go