deb words are lost within the gap
between my mind and my mouth
i lose myself in nothingness
and hope perhaps somebody understands
what it is i meant to say
king kai maybe what you meant to say is the same thing that i've been trying to say for a while now 000102
deb not maybe..
it is
how long have we been silent?
king kai too long - but that doesn't matter now 000102
emsie one of my best friends works at The Gap. I really hate that place now: it has envelopped her. It is all she seems to talk about now, and she has changed immensely since she has started working there. Plus, they use child labour. I hate the gap. 000103
andrea someone, please tell me what i'm doing
help me, so no one gets hurt
tell me how to bridge the gap
to make the miles seem smaller
and the hope grow larger
explain exactly how this sudden burst
of emotion will fall when i leave
in 3 days

copyright 2000
birdmad Everybody on Fire

(the gap in hell)
User24 this is a gap...

Understand now?
st3fan ::::: APPLAUSE ::::: 010526
User24 takes a (late) bow 010809
User24 hmm, this page used to have things written on it... 010809
User24 AHH!!!! my god!!! blather crashed!!!

HELP!!! -shudder- Internal server error 500 -static - all of blather"&*^& %goneI&*%&&* tempo&^%&ary &*%&^%&^%&^glitch&*^DG AS*&D not 88*(&& serious....


well, that's ok now.
User24 someone say something, dammit. 020228
User24 mind you, I suppose the of balthering illustrates a long gap in time.

(very philiosophical..)
birdmad the space between 020228
User24 being less philosophical than before MIND THE GAP. 020726
phil today 020729
girl_jane keep talking... 020915
spinsugar I have a gap, a gappy tooth grin, you know straight teeth and then a little gap right in th middle. I used to hate it with a passion, i was so jelouse when kids in school got braces and we could not afford them. I used to talk with my lip over my top teeth, but mostly I didn't talk at all. Alredy so insecure as a girl, pale, awkward. But now that I am old enough to fix this insecurity, I don't want to. This is me, this is who I am, some even say sexy. In a world where all conform my pale skin and my gap are resistance. I am who i am, and i don't wanna change it. so....:P 050315
me a gap in a life. i've got one...but i'm not sure what it is...its just...there...if i knew, i'd change it, for sure. but oh well. i hope i soon figureit out 050807
oblique I've two gaps in my life that I didn't have before.

One is where God used to be but now he is gone. I don't know if I even want this filled again.

The other is for a girl that I thought I had filled.
But she was a bitch.
ever dumbening apparently there is a gap
between how i feel
and reality

i feel like a huge fucking loser though
i'm fairly certain
i'm not
Risen I feel like there is this huge gap between my possible trajectories.

The people I could be. My futures.

Sometimes it's too much to bear. The what ifs in the alternate realities. The strain of being this me halfway between. Liminal.

Which is right or wrong? Which is better? Which gives more to the world? Which will sustain me? Which uses my gifts? Which would make me happy?

What are the chances that I'll ever get that feeling again?
what's it to you?
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