linker saint_lunchmeat_aloysius_basketball 020901
squint hates built to spill where?

i tried

it doesnt have a place.
mandie standing in the nothing shaking hands with only myself. 030315
mon non-emptiness 030705
The Wolfs Path I float in it
surround my thoughts with it
bathe my soul...
touch it
and feel like I am home
jane being_ane_nothingness 030712
i meant being_and_nothingness 030712
ferret c'mon! just try it on a non-expert! 030712
Whitechocolatewalrus A place where things go to dissolve from something to nothing. 031128
christina agui-llama beans_and_nuttiness 031128
nonsensical devoid of a heart she has become an empty space. 031128
Dawn of Death and Gore
more true than you will ever realize

my blood is black
the disintigration of it all merges into the black hole where it sucks everything into it

swirling vortex

my death to your world suits you well
no piggies linger in this swamp
they're all dead

i am dead
trippin i lay here
barely awake
nothingness bleeds into my soul
red death bleeds out
begins another perfect circle
devils come to play.
Syrope i remember telling him i couldn't do it. that it was impossible for me to stop my brain. and it still is, but...i wonder if his induced nothingness was like this new nothingness in my mind that i have no control over. he could start again, and i'm having trouble.

i feel bad for the words on my tongue. it's the worst taste.
meh pointlessness. vanity. life 050517
no reason getting involved with everything provides distraction but it's exhausting to be distracted all the time 060410
no reason huh, so still me

i hate how she leaves it
never brings it up
i don't know fuck i don't know anymore
numbness makes it easier i guess or at least somewhat tolerable
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