jeff if a picture is worth a thousand words, that which is expressed by touch can be of infinite meaning. it is amazing how a simple touch of a hand to the face can bring tears of joy or sadness. sometimes, you can't tell the difference. 980905
sarah jane the first sense we use. it's sad that we tend to give touch a negative connotation. 981014
ang all i wanted was a touch but i guess that is out of the question now. 981020
eric i guess not. 981115
infedelity seems ok right now... well, hello jeff. touching never seemed so...something until you put it like that. i don't know what to follow up with after that. 990130
[marissa] electric love,
flesh and nerve and heartbeat.

thud. thud. thud.
fingers reach out
to oscillate like
enamored seaweed.


in and out, of the current
that is you.
adam and feel and drift like those ghosts again like those clouds in the sky again all your fucking brilliant disguises again drifting in the eyes of lover i forgot oh so so so so long long ago. 990305
strange poet her sadness began quickly...
nervous, full of years..
aching for some part of life to hold a meaning..
sorrow isnt easy...
it just seems that way to the wandering majority..
silently marching into its dark smokey strangeness..
when you gasp for air...
do you forget to breathe...
dont walk away so quickly...
My watch says were not done.. solitude..
dont touch me numb
isabel i've always craved someone else's touch... 990527
Quintessensual touch is always
always such
a thing very
very much
better taken
in such humid
hot weather
than foresaken
for icey
goosey miss
thinking you
do it together
for honey
Mir it's.. involuntary.
i don't just want it
i need it
a hand on the shoulder
i don't care
and i get it
but i wish i didn't have to always be the initiator
the initiator who gets the responses of cringing...
roxy touch
lying on the floor
wishing this could last
knowing that it can't
and soon you will leave
and i'll be on the floor
watching the tv
* bright eyes *
miniver Lipwetfingerspetpetsmoochykisskiss
downigoagain touch me so I think I'm here... 000425
birdmad i reached out to touch you,
because as long as my fingertips
made contact with you,
then i knew this was real
i knew you were here
and being alone wasn't so bad
when i was alone with you
syncratic a fleeting gasp of skin down a forearm clothed in light...he touches me, and i am made real in the brown pools of his eyes. 000426
Christy A touch is worth a thousand pictures. His hand brushed my hair off my neck. It was so soft and loving. I felt as a child in the arms of protection once again. 000426
Tiffa Now Now Now
All Around
Touch Me Now
All Around
Its the Way The Water Flows
Its Thw Way The Water Flows

sweet soft supple its the touch that turns me around
i am wheeled in this state of sexual suspension
With a look into your eyes I've been touched and it hurts.
Ani Difranco think im going for a walk now. feel a lil unsteady. dont want no one to FOLLOW me. except maybe you. i could make you happy, ya know. if you werent already. i could do a lot of things, and i do. tell you the truth i prefer the worst to you. too bad you had to have the better half. shes not really my type. but i think you two are forever. and i hate to say it. but you're perfect together. so fuck you and your untouchable face. fuck you for existing in the first place, and who am I? that i should be vying for your touch. said who am i? bet you cant even tell me that much. 000601
cam equates to any of our senses 000824
fiddler on vermouth touch me, I'm fire-ish 000902
water nymph is not always physical. But the contact is always nice. When I feel your skin against mine im happy, your kisses make me melt, but the greatest joy i have ever recieved was from the touch of your soul. 001006
marissa it is amazing what it does.
it can hurt you.
or make you very happy.
a hug from a friend of mine on a bad day made me cry... it gave me relief.
a kiss from you made me happy.
a scratch from the cat made me mad.
and when i fell down the basement stairs i cried.
Crespi I need to touch you.
You deny me this.
You take my hand away, and step back.
You don't want my touch.
You don't want my love.
You ignore me.
I never hurt you.
You did nothing but hurt me.
Lindsey When you walk into a room
my heart folds itself in half
and smiles,
but when you touch me,
it seeps through chest
and onto your lap.
Sol i am as long as my thought
memory holds me
You unravle me
Sol No sheet is white
no snow is pure
but your skin is smooth your breath in me
Sol I dont know who i am
my fingers grasp for truth
no feeling tells me
bluedaisy33 sometimes i wish i could take a peice of glass and run it down my wrist because it just seems so right... 010403
focus my touch won't leave a bruise, only memories. 010414
Casey Something I never do...I'm always afraid they don't want to be and I might hurt them. 010415
Becky My fingers glide over the water.Smooth and warm. Knowing this feeling... The contentment and the quiet. I understand it superficiality. But I don't mind...that's just what it is.
I sink under and open my eyes. They burn for a second while my vision clears leaving a blury recollection of you. Your touch. I reach out to hold you once again, but your image fades into the cooling water.
like rain. your shoulders in that dress and the way i imagine your fingertips running down my back... to bury my face in the curve of your neck, to feel your curves folding into mine.

the tangibility that is always in the air when i talk to you dancing its way into our beings.
katie proof of my existence 010505
mer virtual i may be the blather is my addiction and food as touch is 2uthey feed my concept each letter a small touch from them each1idevour oh such sweetness of invisability to the touchpaintour senses with nothingblather 010604
mer the t with a ouch 010606
Constella soft hands on silky smooth skin
fingers breeze around you like the mid summer air
feet rub
bodies touch
a moment of heaven for eternity
papabear One word with many feelings. A spanking, a caress, a scalding hot coffee pot. All of these are felt with a single touch. 010710
smw marc, can i please just touch you? I need to feel your skin. I need to travel the length of your body with something other than my eyes. My hands are soft, and you know they'd feel blissful on your skin. Nothing ever could or will be greater than the moment our eyes meet and we think the same thing. 010801
lotusflower i wish i could touch you 3,000 miles away. i can only imagine it right now. and it's a bit maddening. 010926
alila there is nothing to describe the high that pulsed through my body when you were so close that our faces touched
it felt like it had been forever
and forever is what i want
with you
i could dance around your touches
and watch them weave
in and out of my emotions
you are so far away but somehow I can still feel them(you)
when I am happy or when
I'm feeling empty
i love what your touches do to me
Aimee I would know your touch anywhere. My body knows your hands. I know how you're feeling just by the amount of pressure in your touch. 010927
Boymansonbowie1 somehow, his touch makes everything all okay again, no matter what. 011225
ClairE It's all I can think about.

Someday it may hurt me. A touch is something you can talk about. To feel is to know you are being touched. To feel someone is to know you are touching them.

You're so gentle I think I'm going to faint.
(curious) cube Claire Elizabeth,
You fall in love while at your parents' place or something?
Avalanched how do you contole this power, its like every time you toach me my heart feels like its going to explode, you make me so happy for a change, how do you do that? 011225
the observant ascetic he wanted her touch,
he wanted to give her his

fingertips can speak volumes
a clasped hand,
fingers in each other's hair

a million small sensations travelling nerve-end highways at a million miles an hour
Boymansonbowie sometime i curl up in a ball, and i won't let anyone touch me. it is then that i need it most. 020206
Beth so much more than we speak. Move so much more than we see. The best thing about feeling you, is knowing that you're feeling me. 020804
cheer-up-emo-kid when you held my face in your hand when you kissed me
I wanted to cry
because it was so nice
Brandy Your dark emense wings encircle my trembling naked body in a wicked embrace. The touch of your rough hands
on my smooth breasts excite me, entice me. Your deep purple eyes see through me, down to my vulnerable core. I fear you, I need you, I lost you, to another more vulnerable than I.
Perspective_Of_Soul I get lost in the shimmering images that blossom in my mind.
That soft feather-like tingle it creates, brings before me an elightenment that had before, remained unseen.
My soul dances, my heart starts to sing.
Even tho i fear it leaving, i hold more that it shall never be.
eddie monster would like to touch girl jane all over 020819
myplasticmind I can't feel the touches anymore.
I am no longer the human, I am the disease. And the touches are no longer for comfort, they are for analyzing what I am.
Touches scare me.

But I need

eddie monster would like to touch girl jane in place she's never been touched
every spec of skin and strand of hair
Haley All Caleb has to do is touch my hand and I immediately feel better. It is getting to a point where he is the only thing that cheers me up when I get depressed, which happens often. I love him. 020916
girl_jane Now, eddie, since people have been confusing me for jane and jane for me, do you really mean that? 020916
girl_jane girl_jane_is_not_jane_jane_is_not_girl_jane 020916
weddie eddie girls are girls
all the same shit basicaly
treat them all the same
mythomane shh. a laying on of the hands. 021025
bespeckled You reach out your fingers in the darkness ...

I stare away, hoping they won't reach me,
hoping that my skin stays pure,
hoping that I remain inside my zone of singular divinity.

You wouldn't defile an angel, would you?

You reach out, intent on your wanting.
You reach out, straining to feel.

And I shudder slightly as your fingers slide across my skin,
leaving trails of sin and tears
along my back.

Where goes my halo? My aura is filled with soot; I shine no longer.

I shudder and pretend to be asleep.

You reach your hand back, disappointed in my non-reaction. While the black from your fingertips is spreading like spiderwebs on my body.
eddie monster i'm touching the best feeling thing in the universe 021118
eddie monster touching and feeling
the emotions i'm feeling
breathing the air
moist with emotions
damp with the drag
dragging reflections
of a love so moist
with tidings of lust
so don't ever foget
these moments that were spent
with devotions that meant
so much to a young man
who tries so hard
only to have
his heart ripped out
Jack 33 restaurateur Married ... I was only 13 when I first had intercourse. It was with a neighbour, who was eight years older than me. My cousin had told me he had two girls who were willing to fool around sexually. He said if I was able to get him into an empty apartment of some relative, I could come along with him. That's what I did. I made sure my sister and her husband were out of town and used their apartment. I was left alone with this woman in the living room when it all happened. She was sitting on a long couch, saying 'come closer, don't be shy'. Then she said, 'touch me here, touch me there". The whole thing only lasted a minute. But I minute made me feel so manly, as if I'd done something very important. 021211
ego touch me touch me
because I am all that matters
di luce Your definition of purity is warped.
You couldn't possibly comprehend the weight on my shoulders. If I but let a bit fall to you, you would collapse into the earth, and your purity would bleed through the cracks. Stay safe in your illusion, away from me and my "sinful" touch.
DavesHeroinGirl I can barely comprehend how you patiently exist without losing your mind when I feel like pulling out my hair most of the time. Maybe you're just happier where you are then I am here. I want, I want, I want... My senses are currently satiated in such an unbalanced way. 030203
You_Rhythm_Ick was a highly underrated album.

Especially the dance remixes
angie one of my favorite senses when I am with you. nothing feels better to me, then when i touch you...nothing feels better for me, when you touch me.
queen of darkness touch my heart, and you will touch my dreams.
a touch can change a lifetime.
sarahafi sense one thing leads to another 030921
Death of a Rose Jesus, Mary and the donkey they rode in on.....that was a hell of a blather.....I need a towel....and maybe a thumb by the side of the road....soap on a rope.

soft touches are best, except when there is nothing behind them. Empty touches suck. Ouch.....okay...okay....sometimes painful touches are best.
ferret your leg grazed mine. you already knew, but you didn't draw back. fuck man, i just closed my eyes and let the moment be what it was. and i know there will be others. and i just kinda pray that you will tell me what i want to hear. And on that day i will be all like, yay! woohoo! fun shit! and it will be all cool and everything will be good and God will look down on me and smile. 031011
Death of a Rose Everything can and should be ours. Form it in our hands, nuture it, let it grow, give it guidance, let it run free at last to continue. 031012
falling_alone your touch was like rain drops
your touch was of sin
your touch was like a dust
but it scattered in the wind

you left me there
i was soaked to the core
i was left empty and marred
you covered me completly
then u ripped it all away...
bluten so open-concept. i thought about it the other day. like an empty wind that sweeps through your mind and leaves you with the thoughts you could never know but do anyway. touch that is connected in so many ways to the heart of the human being. people aren't supposed to be demonstrative, are they? is it what separates us from animals? we thought it was because we knew how to talk, because we knew how to advance our society. but it all comes down to our ability to express so much love through a single action. the disaffected people are less than human. think i should know--maybe i'm one of them. 031025
happiepill i hate him... i miss the times we had... and i hate how "touchy" we were... i hate how we could sit naked in his truck without a second thought... I HATE IT... but i miss him, cause... i found an imperfect person, but I saw him perfectly... he was my eskimo.

and what is he doing now? text messaging me saying we need to have a talk, and when we go to have a talk, we do the same damn thing that we used to do... roll around on the bed for a little...
won't you let my heart heal in peace?

you're still the only one i see..
her royal highness the quirk I stare at your strong jawline in the dark, wanting to graze it with my fingertips
The tip of your nose begs to be kissed, oh and your sensuous lips crave my tongue’s caress
I want to run my fingers through your hair, over and over, until you fall peacefully asleep
I want to wake you from your bitterness with a gentle kiss, then another, more fierce and insisting

Reality hits and I notice obstacles
The computer holds your attention better than I
Manipulating silly little game characters seems so trivial to me
While I sit pining after your love
Your eyes are hidden by glass’s glare, but turning on the light reveals the cold, hard stare of friendship
paperthin cheek touching shoulder
mouth touching neck
my favorite place to be
pete my nerves are open, aware, ready. slowly i stretch my hand out into the space between, reaching for yours. but it is not there, and my hand is left alone without the sensation of the touch of another. 040426
Borealis Imagine for me, an island
isolated from human touch
virgin from the boot of conquest
and unscathed by the fishing hooks of civilization
an island, surrounded by sweet waters, and edged in crystaline sand
Low rolling mountains densely outfitted in the gayest of garb, with colourful piniatas of fruit hanging from the trees, and living flowers
existing in harmony with themselves
and all that surrounds them.

a sub-tropical breeze floats along the waves..over the hills, through the complex maze of foliage.
waves of passion, waves of desire
and this heat..which touches everything it passes, gives energy
gives a sort of force of life
gives purpose

mirror images
moving together..yet as one
not touching
but close enough to feel the heat, feel tiny hairs bristle, and see the magnetic waves race along the surface of the skin.

breathe in my air, and equally do also breathe in my water
taste my fruit, and my finger the flowers

touch me again..

clementine i think about your touch all the time. the way your hand feels on my back, your eye lash on my cheek. i wonder if it will be like before. i think it might be better. i wonder if you think about my touch. about my hands on your shoulders, or my hair brushing over your neck.
time is not linear. and i wish the moments im with you would move as slowly as the moments im not with you.
i mostly miss you at night. and sometimes i dream that we are flying over this swamp and laughing and not pretending.
and i dont know if im willing to risk it all for you. but in my dreams i can fly.
story of eau it was less your touch
and more your essence.
acidshank oh. when i think of his touch. if only i could be caught in the moment of him and i. together. press of our bodies. grasp of our hands. close as close can be.
if you werent so fragile. if you werent so shy.
I have looked you up and down many times. i cant look away from your body. your head, the stubble on your smooth long cheek. the angular chin. the way your hair sticks out in the front, i could go on.
if you let me touch you. if you let us intertwine into eachother, i would melt into you and forget everything but you. i understand what you want, i want to feel you want me.
i think together we would surrender to what we have never really let anyone do to us. i would not move away like they did. i would not reject him.
if i could feel you, and have you want me, desire me. i think would faint.
i want you so much. my imagination cannot stop forming blissful thoughts of us together.
your body is so hot. you are so gentle.
your words..soft. i know. i hope. i want to feel eachother.together. he is the only one i have wanted.
i see him in the hall. his tall skinny state it makes me burn inside.wanting to be close to him is to much
but im not getting enough.
i was staring at his penis yesterday. through his clothes of course. but all the while i was happy.
someone told him. he smiled and blushed.
has she seen him today?
o i wish i could have all of him everyday. but it would be so subtle, so soft, so gentle.
maybe some day we will.
rage vomit 041209
sirflaccid The one thing I miss in life right now is touch.

With me though it has to be right. There is no in between, no good enough.

Generally I am not a touchy person. I actually can't stand it when people touch me. I only allow certain people to touch me in certain ways.

Of course, I hug my friends and will generally do the handshake or "high-five"(God I hate that it sounds so childish.)thing. I am not anti-social by any means.

What I really miss is an intimate connection. This is going to be a hard one, because I cannot settle for any less than what I have experienced. I mean there will be relationships that will come and go that have some kind of intimacy. But, I don't think I will settle unless I can find exactly what I am looking for.

Especially in this area. It isn't about the sex. It is about establishing a healthy form of physical communication.
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

Touch exists when there’s an object touched;

Without an object touch is naught.
Since contact and its absence are not constant,

touch help to achieve perfection?
sweet kisses I think ive found
that I've touched
cold red transparent
it wasnt his/.her fault.
It was on the stairway to heaven.
But I knew it wasn't mine to keep.
Only to hold for a few moments.

I looked into his/her heart
using the lamplight/streetlight
to see what there was to see.

Small bubbles...handmade

sarah I miss your lovely touch
But i know i cant feel it anymore
Your warmth on the cold nights is gone
I get so lonely without you
Why did it have to turn out like this
Do you miss my touch?
Truly I do, but part of me never wants to AGAIN because of what you did to me!
*SuPeR^ChIcK* oh, how I long to feel your touch. 060219
opalfroots it all starts with a touch, but not a million pounds, or a butterflies touch, but a butterfly membrane. (i woke from a dream with these words in my head, whether they mean anything i am unsure but they sound interesting) 060225
Q is as material as material can be, whether or not there be some preoccupation with a particular instance of it. 060331
HidingOnTheWall me, please 060401
Snook lying in bed alone wishing for nothing more than a hand on my hip, but not yours.
Fingers through my hair and lips on mine, but not ours. If you knew these things, the touch would be too hard, leaving mars where they were supposed to leave scars. Far apart in a space i call my own, you come to me in a hope across from home. It burns and sweeps and stretches to be alone, to burrow deep down it paces between bone.
Snook lying in bed alone wishing for nothing more than a hand on my hip, but not yours.
Fingers through my hair and lips on mine, but not ours. If you knew these things, the touch would be too hard, leaving marks where they were supposed to leave scars. Far apart in a space i call my own, you come to me in a hope across from home. It burns and sweeps and stretches to be alone, to burrow deep down, it paces between bone.
karyn When I fall in love, I will always love first their hands. Hands of all different shapes, sizes, textures, it never really seemed to matter.

You walked by and your strong fingers took hold of something in me, and have never let it go since.

When I touch you, you are sometimes embarrassed by it, and will pull away. When I touch you, I am saying that I love you. That is what I mean, every time. I'm not trying to make you appear weak in front of your father or the world, I'm trying to let you know how strong you make me.
mimsy bat people don't touch, people don't feel.

without physical contact, we die.
we need to be touched, and to touch.
stephshine words work too, when fingers aren'there. 070218
skater BUT BETTY ! 070218
the last person you will see :) hey murderes of the world. jus poppin' in, i ate my cat last night. yea... im pretty phsyco. as do u all seem to be. goodbye. oh... my aim is to murder every single person who commented on this site. and eat you like i did my cat.

you think im joking? heh.


most normal people wouldnt search the alphabet on google? guess i really am phsyco.
TrueMe It seems so foreign sometimes.
Other times it's all I can think about.
Each time though it carries energy and weight.
I can still feel the lingering energy of some past lovers.
I can still feel the lingering softness of those I cared about deeply - of those who cared about me deeply.

Sometimes I'd like it to fade so I can forget about them.
Sometimes I'd like them to come back.

Yet still - life most go on and I must remember or forget as I need.
unhinged is an understated art form 070414
camille essential for physical and emotional well being and healing 091010
Q Camille, you're right on, as usual. 100314
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