typhoid we are marching into the sun as the sun retreats into the trees
we're thinking of our destination as we start to leave
marching to the sea
marching to the
whirligirl i cried at the end of Lord of the Rings, when they went to the sea. (me out on the sea, when i read it.) 000717
Brad Check out Zoltan Kodály's Hary Janos Suite and the Woody Shaw tune "Zoltan." I wish all jazz musicians checked out twentieth century legit music if the results of the influence were this cool. 000718
luz when the summer sun beats down
and the nights never get cold...

when days start at 2 in the afternoon
and end at 4 in the morning...

when all that is routine is forgotten about
and laziness reigns as king...

that is when we know it is time for marching band.

the peaceful relaxation of summer is over...
days of sweating and sunburn lie in the near future
signifying the end of summer as we know it

but how can you not love it
LawnGnomeFreak I'm a musically inclined masochist. Tournament of Bands rocks my socks! The game only begins at half time. 030524
Rin When i doubt... just march it off 031212
Alpha_Shell our faces no longer held any discernibly human features, nothing that could be recognised back home, nothing identifiable,
we were all chiselled back to the bone; muddied, dirtied, weary and ghostlike,
we moved in a jagged sort of order,
a parade of pale reproductions,
faded sepia copies of once glorious portraits,

[we had spent sixteen days like this; marching through the ruins of village and city]
what's it to you?
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