deb king or prince or pauper..
he could have me if
he would just ask...
jay gordon well, maybe this guy is an idiot - or maybe he's scared - scared of fucking things up one more time 000102
deb one question:
who isn't at least a little scared
to fuck things up?

it's worth a shot
(see fools)
jay gordon (see obvious) 000102
valis ah, if people always knew they could just have what they asked for, eh? 000103
jennifer I am quite fond of this playful banter, and I wonder when these two will come to their senses as some of have already.

"the circles start out large and lazy and progress to small and precise, but one can only make circles so small before they become paths"
Q No, jen, I think they become grains -spheres with a radius equal to a planck_ length, what the universe is made of. 000103
jennifer I meant before circles become ruts you can't get out of

PKI Records Prez PK'z are all over the place.. filming
their new films all day long,
millions of people view them
and millions hate them
but Porno King's are very practical
and formed an allience.
Porno King Industires
PKI Records
girl "its good to be the king" 000510
moonshine for a day 000617
rubydee breakfast like a king
lunch like a prince
dinner like a pauper

this is the little lad's way
to total and complete digestion

(ps. they are striving to slowly take over the world)
cali j Where's my king? 010621
The King Bow down to the king, I am a human capable of controling your whole life. 010725
um yum superspecial.
of hearts.
of souls.
of minds.
of love.
of spades.
of everything.
phil I ought to see the king about me 020421
fries w/that mmmmmmmm, burger. 020422
neha king is the awesomest auor ever.... dun u know 021118
angie "when i meet my king" by khia is seriously one of my most favorite songs...i know she came out with all that my neck my back stuff but she is a really talented rapper and that song is really great. :) 021118
Fire&Roses We'd stay up late playing Go Fish. And you'd always win... ALWAYS. Maybe that's why you're the King. 030722
BonTon If frogs turn to princes do Toads turn to kings.

Makes sense to me.
andyg king
cha ching
fritz cesar kaeser kaiser king
you think you rule but
you don’t own a thing
Evilair When I am king you will be first against the wall. with you opinion which is of no consequense at all.
"what's that?" (ok, you're paranoid.. but you're.. an android..)
andru235 a big title for what has often been a small mind

machiavelli = ah, evil claim!

the greater princes are benevolent
DL Silently I sat and saw in the mirror. A girl I thought I knew
her face I could see and her voice I heard.
Wonder if she knew it was me from a long time ago.
phil My throne is made by the second in a factory
My heart dies when I hear your words
A simple thing can pull me back from the brink
Standing in the ocean with you over my shoulder
I vomit my soul and collapse into the sand
Breathing the ancient mountains into my lungs
My body rips in despair like a blooming flower
My legs pushing me deeper into the water to drown
You were never there for me
Swimming off like a fish
Nights alone in a cabin of despair
Their feet may laugh at me
My voice broken and shallow and never heard
what's it to you?
who go