Blue Reaction Look further, deeper into my soul. See me for who I am. All I ask is that I can do the same. This is where love is born. 031201
Bizzar and the deeper into this i fall, and the harder i cry over him, the more you tell me that i'm better than all this. the more you tell me all these wonderful things that i deserve.

and the more i think that you are the one who should be giving those things to me.
Deomis Every day
Every night
The blade goes deeper
The blood flows redder
And the pain is duller
This endless cycle
Going on and on
I stare at the razor
And wonder why
It seems like this is all I do

You can't see
You won't know
My problems run deeper
I'm drowning in the water
In the deep end of the pool
This hurt courses through my veins
A poisionous infection
That will soon kill me
And I wonder why
Death doesn't come any faster

Unis because of rapid antibody production my system is weird that way 040725
Borealis its already deeper than I can handle.. 040725
Syrope is there a point where it isn't worth feeling for the bottom any more? 040917
bryn he's deeper than most.
he's more mature than most.
and he actually smile when I pass.
He's smarter than most
He's hansome-er than most
Is it any wonder that
I want our time to last?
Lonbot you can descend for miles or you can go to McDonald's 130912
what's it to you?
who go