nate Somewhere between too hard and not hard enough, just the right level of hard that we see that it's possible, but satisfyingly difficult.

Harder is usually a good thing. Easier is often a bad thing.
p2 why make it harder
than it has to be?
stork daddy because, she'll thank you later. 021106
p2 heheheh

set the standard
too high
and she may be
next time

set it low first
and improve
and she'll think
she's the reason
sonic life just gets harder and harder. sometimes i wish that everything could just be easy, but it can't. if everything were easy then you would never grow and that is the whole purpose of life. every challenge you have helps you to grow into a better person and in a way i love that. 021226
no reason because you're harder on me than others it's harder not to be harder on myself when it comes to you

(erg. any way this is said it sounds dirty.)
what's it to you?
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