peyton inside me dwells a monster
it drinks the acid from my veins
it licks the concrete from my lips
it binds friends with electrical tape
and leaves futures hope slashed

with my veins clutched in hard resolve
i use my arteries as bars
with this body I create this cage
with this mind I create my prison
with this soul I keep my vigil

it tells me now I have nothing more to say
*~K are so fucken beautiful.
i admire the art of my venal system, pale blue just under my skin.
Arwyn are just dying to be snipped... lying there, a cold blue beneath my pale skin screaming cut me, cut me... I swear you'll enjoy it. God if only... 020218
~gez~ my veins are throbbing
and sticking out. and if i move my forth finger the one im looking at changes direction becase it gets cut off by a tendon

cool i feel freaky
littleidiot i sometimes feel like the lateralus man. 021118
littleidiot the first time i was high on mushrooms, i thought my veins were glowing. it scared me. and i liked it. 021118
blackbird when i cut, the veins seem to raise up. they look so inviting! 030516
Staind_And_Souless Begging to bleed 050108
monee creeping vines, crackly lines 050108
nom branches 060120
nom blue 060120
pSyche Pour the salt straight in my veins,
I won't need them anymore.
what's it to you?
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