kingsuperspecial My freaky story:

Out of the blue, a strange woman came up to me. She grabbed my arm, pressing her puffy face and desperate eyes in close. She was crying. I was at the ATM, and she begged me for money.

"Please help, I have kidney failure, I'm legally handicapped, my children have cancer, I'm sick and weak and starving ... ".

This lady laid it on hard, virtually attacking me in mid-transaction. I had just moved to California, and had little experience with panhandlers, let alone the agressive, bloodthursty scam artists. She clung to me, pushed into my space, suddenly and completel overwhelming my space. I backed away from the ATM in a distracted panic, my cash in hand. It wasn't a mugging, but I was staggered, not sure how to react to being so violently approach.

Note that her timing was impeccible - the cash being in my hand made the need to back away more urgent. I managed to fend her off, refusing to part with a fresh $20. After, I thought this was a good lesson - watch your back at the ATM, even in broad daylight. The muggers may wait until dark, but they aren't the only people looking for a big handout.

Then, minutes later I realized that I had not finished the entire bank transaction! Guess where my ATM card was? Oh, yes, gentle reader, it was still in the machine. I sprinted the block and 1/2 back, to find the "handicapped" woman was long gone. Naturally, she had maxed out my daily withdrawl limi - I had fend off her plea for change, only to give up $360.

In retrospect, the timing of her approach, and the intensity of her plea, both smack of a well rehearsed tactic to startle me away from the machine. Maybe I'm wrong, and it was just a fluke. I guess I'll never know, but I did learn a lesson.

People are scum.
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