ClairE is funny

is everything

is not my friend right now.
cheryl cherry timingtimingtimingtimingtimingtimingtimingtiming

notsogood timing

timing is off
timing is out

timing could not be worse

words are -
out of step
out of sync
out of place
out of time

timing is everything
it's all in the timing
you picked a hell of a time for this Damian

Four years and one day since you hated me
Four years and one day to say you love me
Four years and one day too late
Four years and one day try me again
past "don't stress, it's not helping" you say as you add two hours on to our already tighter-than-it-should-be schedule. and so the wake up time pushes earlier, even if your go to bed time is pushed later.

i'll be fine, but, please, think about it. it can probably wait, where this thing we're doing, it's not about us, and it's not going to wait.
what's it to you?
who go