josha You have one when you die, and in the morning when you're done sleeping. You have one when you row a boat and if you can't pronounce waik. 980903
jade ...the challenge. to rise up and take up arms 'gainst the netted confines of sleep. 980905
jules the best thing about that night was to wake up beside you 990315
razzle daxle leaving destruction in her wake 990422
heidi75 wakey wakey, eggs and bacey 990615
clundicus Wake up! Tonight the lions
hunt in Kenya. They
can eat a man. Rockets
are spearing through the sky. They can blast a man
to nothing.
Rumors prowl like rebellions.
They can knife a man. No one
survives for long, my boys.
Flesh is always in season,
lusted after, gunned, grenaded,
tabulated through machines,
incinerated, beaten to applause,
anesthetized, autopsied, mourned.
The book of Troy beats on
in Goya's paintings and the truce
of Lear. Reason yourselves

to that, my buckaroos,
before you rage to God,
country and sis-boon-bah!
You won't, of course. Your
left you trained to serve
like cocksure Paul before God's lightning smashed
him from his saddle. So...

I wish you what I wish myself: hard questions,
and the nights to answer them;
the grace of disappointment, and the right to seem the fool
for justice. That's enough.
Cowards might ask for more.
Heroes have died for less.

-Author unknown
jennifer please don't wake me before you go, because I'd much rather live in dreams were you stay 991229
andrea when i woke up this morning
unabashed confindances from
the night before echo in my ears
and make me smile out of curiousity
of what will come of it all
and then suddenly, i laugh
remembering how i flashed the
doubletree hotel

copyright 1999
fitzated for the sun who scattered into flight
the stars before him from the field of night, drives night along with them from heaven, and strikes the sultan's turret with a shaft of light

kaskarkarminski Lo! Look to the blowing rose about us
Into the world i blow
At once the silken tassle of my purse tear
And its treasure on the garden throw
zavyman A rose at dawn
Seemingly rises
And thus destroys
Any hope
Of dreams
Becoming reality
knark digh 402 325 6058 000807
tourist It is easier to say don't weep for the Dead, than it is to actually rejoice at their passing. But I still believe the Irish and the Folks down in New Orleans have the right Idea. Have a party Celebrate! for the Dead have no more sorrow, unless we give it to them by our mourning! So when I'm gone Please carry on with a song and Loving Laughter! 001110
ass facely "when i die, i'm going to have my ashes mixed into a big bag of hash so all my friends can smoke me away".

- roland kirk
*Colleen* do you guys ever think that maybe life is nothing but a huge dream? So if Life is a dream, then Death could be a time when you come back to reality. So Death is the ultimate awakening. 010129
Dafremen Yea, well what if you ultimately wake up and yer back in this same dream again? 010222
j wake up it's a beautiful morning! la-la-la! 030418
hsgatincamail all minds wake up all minds 040409
absoloot wake me up...
i think i'm dreaming
but the blood is so warm
and the cut keeps overflowing with redness
help me
no reason i wake up tired every day now 080620
tourist In A Few Short Years
My Passing Will Leave
Nothing In It's Wake
No Progeny
No Profound Impact
On The Flow Of History
Just The Passing Of
A Shadowy Observer
Transient Witness To
The Flow Of Time
My Essence Returning
To The Void From Whence It Arose

I Strive To Silence
The Internal Voices
That Interfere With
The True Preception Of This
That Constantly Erodes
The Elements Of Life

I Was Always
A Little Out Of Step
Out Of Focus
Never Willing To Compete
On Common Ground
With Those More Driven
More Excitable Than Me

I Sought The Middle Ground
To The Point Of Being Luke Warm
Without Passion
Time Passes On And I With It Soon
Contemplating Mortality
Is My Latest Pastime

Of This Pursuit Of Things Aquired
What Can Come Of It?
I must Surrender All
Even My Form And Mind
To The Emptiness That Lies
Behind All This

Surely Like An Iceberg
That Is Where Most Of My Being
Has Always Laid
Submeged In The Uncreated
Anchored Beyond The Precievable
Giving Weight To My Existance
what's it to you?
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