amy when you come over me, i am no longer wondering or thinking or whatever it is i do normally, i feel quizzical. like you are a question mark into my head.

the connection is not unique... i feel it with other people... but reflects a certain amount of concentration and attention. on my part and yours.
retrograde rhetorical: I ask aloud, but do not expect an answer, simply to watch my own voice floating into the ethers.

stupid: nonexistent.

unspoken: fear and intimidation have shoved it deep down into the pit of my stomach.
birdmad i have met people who have managed to prove that there is such a thing as a stupid question, but they are only ever asked by stupid people.

for example:

Don't ever ask me things like "Do you, like, ever, uhh...hear voices in your head?"

because i will, without hesitation, answer "Yes, but i had to learn to ignore them because all they ever said was 'kill, kill, kill!"

Tank could we be silent? could we sit by the ocean and not drown her in a sea of irelevant chatter? could your hands be silent so we could let osmosis talk magic through our breath? could we be silent? 000912
blath Where am I? This blather place is so cool. 000912
startfires im looking at you and you have all these questions in your eyes, like, "what the fuck do you want from me?" i wish i could just tell you that i want to kiss your wrists and your palms and the tips of your fingers. but you wouldn't understand. 001003
Special K Questions:
Many varied, embarrassing questions. Does he seek me out such that he will find this? Someone, tell me, am I the only one who feels this heady, sickening appetence? In the end it doesn't matter, really, because every moment with him is enough and never enough. The suspense is delicious and the abstention is heavenly, any more would be... too lucky? Is that what I mean to say? Not sure. Does he do this too often? Do I?
enriquecito He would, and does, and will seek thee out anew. What, after all, is this virtual space next to the miles he would go to sleep beside you?There's something lovely and expansive about a feeling that breaks the soul into tiny, shimmering fragments, only to melt them together again in a silent way. Something less trivial and more frightening, perhaps, than that to which we are accustomed, thus we dance gingerly around it, not realizing that it feeds itself from our reluctance as well as our submission. The potential is acute to do that single thing of all that I dread the most - to hurt her. Can we arrange the divining-sticks upon the ground according to cosmic propriety, matching the angle of the sun to illuminate the strands of silk binding us? Or do we trip ourselves up with questions, regrets before the fact, and the feeling that the answers beneath these electronic questions must, in the end, be negative?
There is something fascinating here, something living, on the flip-side of this pain and frustration, just as every gap in space and time has a whole that defines its absence.
Dafremen That was beautiful do0d. Truly beautiful. It was also the most convincing load of HOOEY I've heard in a long time.

THIS is the "love" to watch out for, the kind that rings little bells and sets off fireworks or does little dances around your f*cking hearts.

Watch out for that sh*t. It's like a David Copperfield show, blows you away, amazes and excites you, then too soon, it's over because after wasn't REALLY love, only a convincing illusion.

: ) Daffy
Casey There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. -This is the only piece of advice my parents ever gave me. So it is very treasured 010502
enriquecito OUCH, man, I'll watch how I phrase it next time. Certainly, the feeling is real but the play is a bit more than I am used to. We shall see, d00d, indeed we shall see. Your input is granted a notch in the respect belt. 010502
Dafremen I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit fellow blatherer. If it's REAL real...then I guess only YOU will know that for sure. Like I said I thought the verse WAS absolutely GORGEOUS man...don't stop writing, EVER. 010502
Special K Oh Daffy, if you only knew. He's smooth like a silken nettough not to get caught up in him. You're a wise man, though, and don't think I'm not being cautious. But every time I think it's better to err on the side of safety I think of Teddy Roosevelt, who said "Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checked by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat." Love should not be gray twilight, man. It should be jubilation and it should be misery, or whence comes the art? 010502
Dafremen Well Ms. K, it seems to me that if you were to compare the number of "loves" that have failed and the number of starcrossed lovers who eventually fell OUT of "love" to the number of people who have GROWN INTO love and have managed to stick with the COMMITTMENT long after the initial passion is gone. Well I think you'd find that the TRUE gems, the TRUE art and science and MAJESTY of LOVE lies not in the passion and the chances taken, (hell ANY relationship is a chance) no the TRUE artist, the TRULY glorious warrior of love is he/she who goes on the quest with a clear idea of what they are looking for, who isn't fooled by false plated and flashy, gem encrusted and gaudy, but rather seeks out their goal with a level head and a cautious heart. Anyone can jump into relationship after relationship until they either luck out and find love, or become so hard hearted and cynical that they no longer TRUST anyone enough to try anymore. If you TRULY want to find love and aren't content to spend your time OR your heart chasing after passion-filled promises of love, then you will find LOVE, it's out there, it's just not as shiny and flashy as passion and infatuation are. 010502
Special K True that, Daff. You'd think I'd know better in my old age, but damn if this feller don't seem worth it. I'll be sure to let you know how it all turns out. Could take a while, you know how these things are... 010502
Dafremen This guy looks like he's used to getting what he wants.
(He's got a friggin Championship fishing tackle box full of smooth lines there!)

Let's just hope he's not the kind of person that wants something until he gets it.

That would suck.
enriquecito she's got some smooth lines, too, d00d, it's not a one-sided game after all. she's rather a predator herself.... grrrr. 010502
Special K Daff, you may just be right, but the situation's so impure it's hard for me to tell. He's not lacking in love stories, maybe he does get everything he wants. *sigh* It must be all the booze I drink, clouding my judgement. You know how the booze is, dude. (It seems unfair that your partying gets you 11 years of marriage and mine gets me a meager month of longing and roleplay...) Ok, so I go back to the way I was before? Before he distracted me and made me think that fate was afoot? I'm leaving town in 18 days, perhaps life will reset itself in my absence. Perhaps I will return and all will be as colorless as before, and I will sleep again. 010502
Dafremen Actually the WHOLE thing is between the two of you. One word of advice...NEVER make relationship decisions based on an impending separation. If things are still the same when you get back, pick up where you left off if you're so inclined. That's my .002 cents worth on the subject. 010503
Dena i don't understand why you don't see how lucky you are.... you have a roof over your head and cloths on your back your sooooo stupid........... open your eyes and look around and for just a second....... know how lucky you are... 011022
Dafremen Hear hear! 011023
yoink why do i get up earlier but leave later?

why do i want to have money but can't seem to hold on to it very long?

why do i laugh so hard when i make the guy behind me use his wipers because of my windshield washer fluid?

when i sign my name, why is it different almost every time?

why do i get dirty looks for holding the door?

ClairE Another way of thinking aloud. 020118
kx21 A radiation of Soul...
An entropy of Free_will...
kx21 A spice of PCA(s)... 020118
kx21 The Memory / Ego of your Conciousness(es)... 020120
lotusmagic Born curious. And damn this curiosity. For as I grow older the curiosity does not disperse. It instead, metamorphoses into an overpowered compulsion to know. I can not function until I know the answers. It deadens me, drives me towards neurosis and neurotic behavior, I spiral downward ceaselessly, until the curiosity is ceased.

It starts with the doubt and then I question, and when the answers do not approach, I want to know.
No, I need to know.

I persevere to inquire and discuss these forever topics, but each time I end up where I started. Nowhere and without a clue.

To some of the questions a simple yes or no will suffice...but the others require introspection, a search internal for no-one else can give me the answers to the questions I seek.

And so it begins, the quest for self and knowledge.

The curiosity.

The maddening search beyond the unknown.

Spiralling downward....

blown cherry The questions that haunt me the most
are most often the questions that I already know the answers to.
split droner why can't i make sense of anything? is it age or circumstance? why can't i just move forward? am i changing? am i clinging on to a time when everything was a-ok and fun and revelational and i can't let go of it and i want to relive it? why is the past better than the present? did i always believe that? do i now? was there really a time when i thought everything was going at a tremendous rate and life was exciting and full of surprises and energy? did i exist then? what is there to look forward to? am i the only one who sees everything in fragments, one minute at a time, but i can only imagine, linear and complete, the things of the past? didn't this sort of thing happen last year? i got out of this mess before right? do i really appear to be in control? am i the only one who thinks i'm a pretentious snotface jerk who masks a whole lot of indecision and fear with false confidence? wasn't i happy before? where am i? does this happen to everyone? we all go through periods of relentless confusion and disjointed existence with no real prospects for piecing it all together or so it feels that way right? why do people say the mid-20's are a good time? what do we as a generation have in common? do you feel blasted by too much information and possibility and having so many options that you just get locked up with indecision and just sit and stare? is there anything to cling to? why can't she be here with me? what the fuck is my problem? are my senses dwindling? is my mind losing its capacity to react? who are you and why don't i know you? do i want to know you? do you want to know me? what is there to say anymore that hasn't already been said in one way or another? do we just live forever with the same ideas and actions, but a bit modified? is it the little discrepancies that make it important to go on living? am i just a complete fucking idiot to assume that i've gone through all there is to go through? yes, you are. 021001
Rhin What is your most bizarre sexual fantasy or experience?

Have you ever talked to yourself in a public place?

Have you ever snacked on dog/cat food?

Would you rather be loved, feared, or coddled by a prison inmate (while if, hypothetically, you were in prison)?

What characteristics would you look for in said prison roommate?

What form of entertainment do you indulge in that marks you as a geek/nerd?

Do you have an Oedipus complex?

Are there any sex partners you've had that you wish you could return? if yes, why?

Have you ever participated in role-playing in the bedroom, or out of the bedroom for that matter? (if yes, describe)

Can you name the brat-packers? if yes, then name them!

Have you ever purposely neglected to wear underwear out at night, to school, to work, to a family event...or anywhere for that matter?

Have you ever ripped the tag off of a mattress or pillow?

Do you kiss your hand and touch the roof of your car when you drive through a yellow light, make a wish at 11:11, or utter 'rabbit rabbit' the first day of every month?

Have you ever picked your nose (outside of childhood)?

At what point in your life did you realize that the world is not just one great big place to go out and fuck up in?

Some theorists believe that the Smurfs and the entire Smurf kingdom was, in short, a political fable, and that many of the episodes highlighted socio-political themes. Do you agree with this, or do you have your own theory?

Would you be willing to eat a bowl of live crickets for $10,000?

Have you ever kissed one of your cousins, or worse a sibling? Not one of those obligatory kisses you muster your way through upon greeting or departing, but one of those knock-down-knee-buckling-damn-i-wish-i-wasn't-related-to-him/her-kisses? (Please be honest. How do you expect us to relay factual gossip amongst us if one of you is not playing on the same team! besdies, it is really not fair to let us all go on thinking that you are from the state of Normalacy, when in fact you left your heart in Kentucky!)

females only: Have you ever 'queefed' during intercourse with your mate, and if so, please take a moment of your spare time to enlighten us as to how you played that one off?!

males only: Guys, have you ever accidentally ejaculated into your partner's hair (during a quicky public sexfest), and then didn't tell her about it? (...and shame on you!)

Have you become addicted to the Nads Hair Removal infommercial? Have you ever tried that particular product? If yes, did you taste it before you set about your task of hair removal? (The commercial does say that it is edible)

What do (or don't) you wear when you sleep?

females only: What percentage of the time do you actually fake orgasm?

males only: Do you honestly believe that not one of your sexual partner's has ever faked with you?

Would you prefer to die a hero's death, die a martyr to some great cause, die in a natural catastrophe, or die peacefully?

Do you believe that certain M&M's taste better than others, just because the color is more eye-pleasing?

If you were guaranteed honest responses to any three questions, who would you question and what would you ask?
dondeestanlosjaguares how many souls roam this world in search of someone with whom to live?
how many smiles decorate the faces of innocent children that live happily?
how many doves soar through the skies taking advantage of their freedom?
how many hands caress the skin, entering into the deepest of emotions?

how much power can you gather before you feel like a demi-god?
how much gold can you possess before you're the poorest of the humble?
how much bitterness can you drink just to make your life impossible?
how much faith can you sacrifice before you feel the wrath of God?

how many questions go through my head? how much time will i go on like this?
(i just want peace. . .)
delial what can I say to change your mind? 030218
Lauren It is true that passion is not love, but it is an element of love. Passion is something that shouldn't be sacrificed especially in the beginning of a relationship. What people fail to realize, when they fall in love, is that love changes, sometimes the passion leaves...but the love is still just have to look for it in different places. Love is one of the most powerful tools, we as human beings have been given and can be interpreted in many different ways. Love to me is loving someone more then you love yourself. 030219
Eowithien I must ask questions to get my answers. I could always be nosy and find out that way, but questions are probably the most "honest" way to find out. My mother told me when I was younger that all the questions that couldn't be answered will be answered when I go to heaven. I don't know if I'm going to heaven but I would like my questions answered. My favorite questions with the best answers:

What are you doing?
-Shooting daggers at you with my eyes.

Whats that?
-A time bomb. [throw] POW.

Where are you going?
-To that little corner in my mind where I wish death upon all evil doers.
Toxic_Kisses is there really an answer to all questions? 031018
tori theres no such thing as a stupid one. u r stupid for not asking 031115
REAListic optimIST is there a true answer to a question?
that's what i want to know.
each answer raises a question
like an endless jeopardy show.
there are no daily doubles,
just endless curiosity.
mankind will never answer
the one true question: "who's me?"
how can you ask a quesiton
when there is no real reply?
there truly is no reason
for always asking "why?"
so instead of always asking,
just find out for yourself.
that way your mind and soul
will be a source of endless wealth.

spring, 1992
mon too dark?
too cold?
stay in the house today?
oldephebe well yeah it's freakin' artic here in philly..was out earlier t'day..brrrr

wish you would share more of your writing with us mon

paint me guitly of linguistic exuberance
how 'bout a rarefied rustic aside nom?
oldephebe well yeah it's freakin' artic here in philly..was out earlier t'day..brrrr

wish you would share more of your writing with us mon

paint me guitly of linguistic exuberance
how 'bout a rarefied rustic aside nom?
randomly recent don't pressure the poor girl,oE, isn't she beautiful enough already?

marjorie where do you go when you get that look?
what do you see behind those lids
another me another you in another time?
you can't march to the beat of a different drummer because you fired him
and you don't have a drum of your own
and because you're an asshole, nobody wants to loan you one now.
twicksytrix Questions?
Yes, i have a lot of questions.
twicksytrix Questions?
Yes, i have a lot of questions.
Syrope this way older guy wants "my company" next week...he supposedly wants to take me to dinner and a movie and maybe to stroll around the mall, to discuss philosophy??? i know it's bullshit, i know he wants sex

so why am i considering it?
Connecting..the.dots.. I don't feel like asking questions today, I just want to say something and it automatically be right, I'm frustrated with being wrong (or at the vary lest not right) all the time.

If I say that bricks are made of feathers can we just for a minuet all agree that it is so?
dudeinanigloo You know, technically, you are right in saying that. Bricks are made from clay, which comes from underground, and is made up of decomposed animals and plants. So, somewhere in the mix, a bird could have died and helped form a brick!!

Interesting, I know...
Connecting..the.dots.. you just made me happy - thank you(!) 040616
Connecting..the.dots.. you just made me happy - thank you(!) 040616
dudeinanigloo Always a pleasure. 040617
puredream Stop asking fucking questions. They are not answers. Go be a politician or something. Stop with all the fucking questions. You've already got your answers. And they're red and skin coloured. Twisted and rained upon. God damnit. Look what you do to me. 040629
Borealis ....

*mists a little*

Borealis on second thought WHY!!! 040629
somebody not worth answering is it 040702
shower singer All I have is questions

and they're not worth much
Wasandru When a petty mind
turns to vengeance,
can satisfaction be found
in the futile prosecution
of one who was no guiltier
than the vengeful one himself?
elise give me some questions 061117
someone you want to be Do you really love me?
If I refused to have sex with you, would you leave me?
Would you cheat on me if I wasn’t keeping yousatisfied”?
Do you care what I think, or does it have to be your way or no way?
If I said no would you still try to convince me?
Do you want to change me?
Do you ever listen, or are you just waiting for your turn to speak?
When I say something, why does the conversation invariably turn back to you or sex?
Why do you ramble on and on about video games?
Why do you have such a strong need to be right?
Do you really want to be able to control me?
Why are you so stubborn?
*Amy* Why are Sundays afternoon soooo unbearable?? 070304
inocciduous systole Answers ruin questions. Questions worth asking do not have answers which could be recorded in any less then 3 volumes. 070305
no reason he left me to answer all the difficult questions
and joked about it when i confronted him
i guess i could have just made up stories
no reason forever asking and answering
wondering if i'd be satisfied if i had no more questions
u24 you'd probably drive yourself mad asking why you had no questions any more, and pondering the paradox. 070410
lisst i used to have questions. i had questions about god and love and government and sex and literature.

i dont have the answers, but i've stopped asking questions. i've stopped searching, and ive stopped struggling. i hate myself for that.
jane are what jane_asks 070603
Drbubbles Theres a game without a name
Simply put it is Questions
The Rules are simple
The results are amazing

To play it you just need another person
The rules are:
You must answer their question
You must answer it truthfully,
not the truth you want to believe
not the truth you tell yourself
but the truth you know in your heart to be true
go ahead and try it,
find some one to play it
just ask them a question and they ask one back

You'll be surprised what you'll learn
When theres no deception, no lies, and just pure unfiltered truth of heart between you.
mustard why aren't WE as perfect in your mind as we are in mine?

why do you hold grudges?

why is the scar on your lip so perfect?

why do we look so similar?

why do we laugh at the same time?
z can paste too Batty: Yes! [smiles] Questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?
Chew: Don't know, I don't know such stuff. I just do eyes, juh, juh... just eyes... just genetic design, just eyes. You Nexus, huh? I design your eyes.
Batty: Chu, if only you could see what I have seen with your eyes.
for the beautiful boi why the Hell
did I have to go saway from You
when I had no choice
quite honestly

I miss You
You r

w scruples
what's it to you?
who go