shadowsong is a contagious disease 991201
girl i am very bitter damnit
i have no patience for people who say i shouldnt feel this way
i have no patience for people who try to identify with me or say they understand how i feel
fuck you
fuck all of you
its people like you that brought me here
i refuse to tolerate anymore of your bullshit
harbinger i put my lips to yours.
i taste your desire.
you taste of bitterness.
dB People say I'm bitter. It's gone way beyond bitterness.
I watch the TV news every night. I read a news paper every morning.
It's not bitterness. It has evolved into a kind of genetically enhanced rage.
unhinged everytime i see something that reminds me of you it brings that taste to my mouth. i love you but i won't interfere. i just can't keep getting involved. this is the whole problem. people are fucking morons and i get sucked in every damn time. so go off with your little chickie that's young enough to be my sister and don't ask my advice and get me involved if you are going to just do whatever the fuck you want anyways. to me that means you think less of me than not asking me my opinion at all. to ask and then just throw it away....fuck you. i can't be around here much longer. 010305
mikey bitter is such a crown description of me these days. not jealous....BITTER.

i hate seeing an old person driving a high priced sports car and driving below the speed limit!

i hate seeing some people who always win. like my old boss a multi millionaire..he always wins at games and gambling. its not fair!
Tai C. the bitterness of one who's left alone. 010404
The Truth bitterness is your body's natural reaction to absorbing negative energy for long periods of time.

For instance, if you hold a grudge against somebody, (say, if you are too proud to forgive someone) you may think you are hurting them, but in time you are the one who will grow bitter. But if you forgive them, that will release the energy and cultivate a positive energy within you, you will find peace.
youinquired the feeling of newly awakened ants in your kitchen of pride. take nothing but want everything because everything matters to those who care nothing of themselves. 020428
oak barrel I wish you wouldn't be so bitter. and maybe appologise 020824
nomater let's all feel sorry for ourselves. 030920
anne-girl they say you need it to offset sweetness

and as such create more of it to make sure you know just how rare and precious the good is
or maybe that it doesn't even exist at all but it'd be damn cool if it did...

And I participate, add my pessimistic thoughts to the brew, say that it's their fault that things are so ugly. Even though I don't know who "they" are, it can't be me... of course not

sweetness is transient
pain is not forever
hope is not a swear word

Borealis is becoming a constant...
the only place where I know myself.
misstree is drunk again miss daxle, have you processed my "bitter bitch queen from hell" application yet? i really do believe i could bring a lot to the team... 040807
gallow a contrast to the sickeningly sweet sap of contentment 041123
sirflaccid The things I say and the things that I do are not out of bitterness. They are out of my mind, logic, and truth.

I think there is a part of you that listens to what I have to say and that is why you choose to be angry. That is the safe way to feel.

We cannot walk through life on a happy fantasy cloud. True happiness will never come of that. Only a self-induced dilusion of the way things are.
Freak the only part of that that is true is that they are from your mind...the truth and logic are a load of crap so why dont you just worry about your own pathetic little life and stop worrying about mine and trying to find ways to make me upset.

Of course im going to listen to what your saying considering you came to my ocean to say it.
misstree i want to spit all this venom into your eyes
so you can't help but look
and see
and feel
but until my precious is safe again
i can't take the risk
of you knowing
how much
i hate you.
LS To entertain a bitter contenance every day is like wearing the same cloths day in and day out. If at first it seems to suit you, it isn't long before it reeks. 050708
LS And I feel sorry for the unfortuanant bastard who gets bitterness aimed at them from you, misstree. 050708
sisyphus is like sugar milk
congealed like
cold syrup
in the chill.
burnt buds you claim it's logic
the longer you are alive,
the more evidence you add to that logic
it never occurred to you that your pile of hot and steaming evidence was something that could be thrown away
instead you let it invade every corner of your mind, your body, and your soul
Chris aka Christ without the cross Shit! I can't seem to get off of it. I don't even know why anymore. I understand why things didn't work. I even agree. But i still feel like shit. I still have annoying, irritating dreams. I still lay up tripping over dumb shit. My nerves are shot. i don't even make sense to myself. I am motionless. I can't move.

What is going on with me? Why am I so bitter? I don't hate her. I just feel like I am on repeat. Everything seems to be on repeat. I know I have been here before. Someone gave me a shitty deal. Everything seems to be a gamble. Aight. I 'm done. For now
I.T.S. Why won't you go away?
Why can't I kill you?
When will you claim your final victim?
Every thing I turn my gaze towads,
There you are. Bourbon soaked, bitter, bitter, bitter.

I'll get you someday
what's it to you?
who go