Jacob This is what a lable alot of things in my life. Don't take it personally but my phillosophy is the Everything is crap to me until it deserves a better title 990407
Jacob This is what a lable alot of things in my life. Don't take it personally but my phillosophy is the Everything is crap to me until it deserves a better title. 990407
Colleen In the 19th century Thomas Crapper invented a siphonless flushing mechanism, thereby making the modern toilet possible. Is this where the word crap comes from? If so, why is crap such a bad word? It is this man's name and I think it's really wrong to make fun of him. 991111
hahaha should always be said CRAP!
(appropriate sentence) Oh CRAP! I set off a thermonuclear weapon.
old hick "Crap" seems like one of those all-American words, quasiobscene. As in "He doesn't take crap from anybody." Firm, but not vulgar. Shit is a little more than crap though. It seems to carry the connotaion of being hot and wet, like Houston. Crap is more like Durango. 000218
camille (giggling) 000218
johnny rotten is less offensive than "Shit" unless it's 000507
allison did crap really come from thomas crapper? i have heard so may stories. if it did we owe him thanks for such and groovy and versitle word. 000801
stan no, that is a myth 000801
stan it is from the Latin crappa which means siftings 000801
poop fuck you 001202
eat some shit what, now? 001202
irritated fingers sorry stan I didnt mean to fuck you per say, but just fuckig people ingeneral i hate this fuckih keyboard 001202
johnny west Why not just cut the crap and say "shit"? It's asparagus that makes you whole. 010304
Chrity go to:
jip a four letter word. 010613
. : * p s y b o r g * : . Once I was buying a shirt for gym in a typical Valley City small town, non-chain store. Quiet with no other customers. I actually saw some I liked, but I didn't want to buy them for gym because I would get them all sweaty. So I said to my dad really loud "I want a really crappy shirt!" It was funny. The cashier looked at us weird. When we went to buy the shirt, she asked about it. My dad had to explain. Ha. 011101
ClairE Crap, Chrity is here, too.

hey, there is a prime example of "crap" usuage.

Anyway, "crap" is Anthony's expletive of choice.

It is excellent, not really a curse as shit is.

I like to say it all the time.

"HOLY CRAP!" when I spill stuff on me.

"Ah, crap, I just knocked my papers over. God damn it!'


but, yeah, definitely ant.
bzzmel hahah i'm so crap! 011207
j_blue my current fav word (as of today) 020126
yupuap crapola 030110
CRAP Not all all ever ...ouch! 030110
p2 all of it 030617
apostrophe this word is best when spoken with a rolled "RRRR" sound and the a is held out to operatic lengths just for good showmanship, especially when you can't sing.


Do it in a crowded lobby or restaurant, people will love you for it.
ananda crap and shit have different metaphorical connotations; what i am writing now is crap i.e. useless, pointless, boring; but it's not shit i.e. offensive, stupid, upsetting. 030620
/anon u gotta say it like strong bad...

holy holy holy holy holy crap!
mr big crappy crappy crap crap crap 030805
mark is strewn about in your hair and you smell bad 031214
lamo yes crap is strewn about in your hair?!?
is everyone on here yankies?
my keyboard is very shit.
i had to be firm with this keyboard and use the next best word shit instead of crap although i usually accidentaly say fuck
ah crap i cant spell
kx21 * superstring_multidimensional_crap * 040609
eliza death_toll
somebody April 2004:

Orange- More than 93... 040415
... Apple ~ (5 -- 10) * Orange 040415
... I Link- List of confirmed dead:- 040419
somebody U.S. - 679
Britain - 58
Other - 44

Total Killed- 781

(As of April 15, 2004 6:33 p.m.) 040419
... ***
* April 22 2004-New casualty numbers

At least 100 soldiers and five U.S. civilian contractors have been killed

New figures for the Iraqi casualty toll:-

576 Iraqi insurgents and civilians had died in fighting since April 1, a sharply lower number than had been estimated earlier. 040422
kx21 Oops...

A validation that Death Toll of

Apple ~ (5 -- 10) * Orange 040415 040422
... April 24 2004:

The U.S. military death toll as of Friday stood at 707, according to the Pentagon's count. At least 100 have been killed this month, the highest total for any month since the U.S.-led invasion began.

i.e. Percent Death Toll in April 2004:

More than 14% (as of 24 April 2004) 040424
somebody April 24. 2004

13 minutes ago

The deaths of the five soldiers in Baghdad and the Marine brought to 107 the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq since the beginning of April. Since March 2003, 715 servicemembers have died in this country. 040424
... OOps...

Percent Death Toll in April 2004:

More than 15%... 040424
somebody April 24: A Daily Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths

21 minutes ago

The latest deaths reported by the military on Saturday:

_ Four (Five, intead?) U.S. soldiers were killed Saturday in a rocket attack in Taji, north of Baghdad.

_ Two Navy sailors were killed Saturday in a suicide attack near an oil facility in the Persian Gulf.

_ A Marine died Saturday of injuries received in fighting in Anbar province on April 14.

_ The military announced the death of a soldier in a non-combat incident in Iraq, no further details. 040424
kx21 ***
* Intelligence_Estimate- AQ 123 Test

Given the Number of U.S. military Death Toll in April 2004 (as of 24 April) is 110.

What is the Number of U.S. military Death Toll in the period of 1st April to 30 April 2004:-

1) 100 to 130,

2) 131 to 150,

3) more than 150? 040424
Syrope any other time it would seem really really odd that i'm passing up seeing any of my harem to hang out with friends or be by myself

but to me right now it makes perfect sense

you can't very well entertain someone with rotting corpses piling up in your living room

eventually they'll start asking questions

the visitors and the corpses, that is 040425
... * 115 * 040425
... * More than 115 + 10 * now

Major Developments in Iraq

9 minutes ago

_ Ten U.S. soldiers were killed, eight in a car bombing south of Baghdad. The two others were killed in a convoy attack in Baghdad and roadside bomb in Baqoubah, north of the capital. 040429
somebody ***
* 1,361 Iraqis Killed in April

AP Toll

2 hours, 17 minutes ago

Victims — young and old, women and men, insurgents and innocents — have been piling up day by day, making April the deadliest month for Iraqis... 040430
... * US death toll *

More than 136 for April 2004 040430
??? U.S. Death Toll Mounts in Iraq Violence

7 minutes ago 040430
... * Breaking_news *

31 minutes ago

U.S. Death_Toll:-

More than 140 for April 2004 040501
......... 11 Troops Killed in Attacks In Iraq
23 minutes ago 040502
??? InJury_Toll=?

"Thirty or 40 of us were turning away after the first mortar hit, and then suddenly a second mortar hit," said the survivor. 040502
......... U.S. Death Toll:-

More than 152 since a wave of violence began on April 1, 2004. 040503
......... U.S. death toll to 157 since a wave of violence began on April 1.

Nineteen (19)- First three days of May.

i.e. April 2004:- 139 040504
.......... OOps... + 1 or - 1 040504
kx21 May 2004's US Death Toll will be

"significantly" more than that of

April 2004 (i.e. 139 +1 or -1)...


Given 123:- 040504
. 1) Butterfly_effect or Matrix Revolution of

* Sadistic_abuses *; 040504
.. 2) The_Test_of_Will around & across the

Black_Holes (e.g. najaf, falluja, etc.); and last but not least 040504
kx21 3) The Ten_dimensions,

the Two_Palms:

P1) War_President- Bush / US &

P2) War_promoter - Blair / UK

"coupled" & 'manifested" with their
* Five_Fingers *, in the

Circle_of_influence & Circle_of_Concern

of Iraq- the M Evolution & Revolution of World War III (World_War_III / ww3 or wwIII).

Copyright 2004 (Given 123) 040504
. U.S. troops, militiamen clash in Karbala, Najaf

Military announces deaths of 5 American soldiers, 21 insurgents 040515
!! ***
28 Iraqis Killed in Recent Clashes

7 minutes ago

AMARAH, Iraq - At least 28 Iraqis died in recent fighting between British troops and gunmen loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, hospital officials said Sunday.;word=bush's_approval_on_how_he_has_handled_iraq 040515
? 040515
May162004 A Daily Look at U.S. Military Iraq Deaths

37 minutes ago

US Death Toll As of May 14:


637 (Since May 1, 2003, when President Bush declared that major combat operations in Iraq had ended) 040516
US Death Toll As of May 17:

783 040517
iMay232004 ***
* Iraqi Death Toll

(May 1, 2003 to April 20, 2004)

The AP survey of morgues in Baghdad and the provinces of Karbala, Kirkuk and Tikrit:-

5,558 violent deaths recorded from May 1, 2003, when President Bush declared an end to major combat operations, to April 30. 040523
kx21 AP: 5,558 Iraqi civilians killed under occupation 040523
May262004 Three U.S. Marines Killed in Action West of Baghdad

2 minutes ago 040526
May302004 U.S. Casualties in Iraq Top 200, Rising

6 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - American troops in Iraq died in May at a rate of more than two per day, pushing the combined death count for April and May beyond 200, 040530
May312004 Two U.S. Soldiers Die in Clashes in Iraq

1 hour, 7 minutes ago 040531
May312004 More Than 200 Troops Killed in April, May

In total, the Iraq conflict has taken the lives of more than 800 American troops so far. 040531
iMay312004 2 U.S. Troops Killed in Clash With Gunmen

24 minutes ago

KUFA, Iraq - U.S. troops clashed with Shiite militiamen in the holy city of Kufa for a second day Monday in fighting that killed two Americans. 040531
iJun012004 * As of June 1, 2004 *

806 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq last year... 040601
kx21 QQ Spark:

What is the appropriate_relationship / Correlation of Caretaker_Government and U.S. death_toll in Iraq?

Happy exploring & have a good day... 040601
iJun042004 Four U.S. Soldiers Killed, Five Wounded in Baghdad

18 minutes ago 040604
iJun042004 At least 10,000 Iraqis are thought to have died since the US military invaded Iraq in March 2003 to oust Saddam Hussein

US soldiers "killed in action" in Iraq:

More than 600 040604
iJun052004 Roadside Bomb Kills 2 Soldiers in Iraq

2 hours, 9 minutes ago

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A roadside bomb killed two American soldiers and wounded two in a series of attacks Saturday against occupation forces and their Iraqi allies... 040605

1 hour, 32 minutes ago

The four, two Americans and two Poles working for Blackwater Security Consulting, were killed Saturday afternoon when a convoy they were traveling was ambushed, 040606
Jun062004 Iraq Car Bomb Kills 9 Near U.S.-Run Base

Sun Jun 6, 3:08 PM ET

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A car bomb outside an American base killed nine people Sunday and injured 30 others

including three U.S. soldiers 040606
iJun062004 As of Friday, June 4:-

813 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq in March 2003, according to the Defense Department. Of those, 596 died as a result of hostile action and 217 died of non-hostile causes. 040606
kx21 How many Deaths & Injuries, associated with US-Led War in Iraq, can be avoided / prevented in the Period of May 12 and June 6 2004?


* The_message_from_heaven *
* The Message from Heaven *

May 14, 2004

For Immediate Release


Tell or show One why_NOT...

And_I_will_tell_you_how_wonder_you_are... 040514 040606
? How many Deaths & Injuries, associated with US-Led War in Iraq, can be avoided / prevented in the Period of May 15 and June 6 2004? 040606
somebody . 040607
Finger what's_the_point 040609
Moon to the

whisper_to_the_moon holy crap i have to be more careful
you almost found me
found my name
how could i be so stupid?
holy crap
holy crap
holy crap

gotta think now.
> it wasn't difficult
i wasn't even looking
what's it to you?
who go