kathryn I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus. -larson 981013
Paul Don't dispair for us. We have asparagus. 990224
Gigo Loma whoever shall know the asparagus... shall know the world, for it is not the asparagus which hates the broccoli, only the horrid culture which brought the asparagus to its current state. so fear not for the broccoli, do not even fear for the asparagus... fear instead for the asparagus that shall grow without ever knowing why they must hate broccoli. perhaps ask yourself why you ask why the asparagus cares... indeed, ask yourself why you must know why the asparagus does anything... and always remember it is not the asparagus's fault that they must hate that which they do not understand. the broccoli cannot understand why any asparagus would hate it... yet it feels compelled to return the aggression. so in the end the broccoli hates that which hated the broccoli.. and not because the broccoli has a reason, no - the broccoli hates because it was hated, it knows no better. so the institution which caused the asparagus to hate the broccoli for no *valid* reason other then a fear that perhaps what the asparagus had come to know as 'asparagus' may be partially replaced by something definitely 'broccoli' has caused a reciprocal feeling in the brocolli. this reciprocal feeling has closed all doors for any future attempts at reconciliation. and so a culture which drove its asparagus to hate has caused itself to be equally hated, and in this hate lies the downfall of all that is asparagus (however painfull their legacy may be). 991106
old hick -the ultimate revenge in an intimate relationship. 000124
lola funny or yummy? 000521
moonshine spare us 000522
larla spareusasparagus
amorfus No, I really don't like the taste of asparagus. Cooked spinach either, for that matter. Or artichoke. I really like brussel_sprouts, though, and olives aren't as bad as they used to be. 000527
grasshopper It makes semen taste very bitter, even more than caffeine. I guess most people don't know that. I prefer green beans. 000527
Mahayana alters the scent of your urine
extremely so
it makes it smell like

[its hard not 2 notice it]
lemonade i've been thinking. about going to his apartment to rescue the asparagus from the fridge. it only has a day, maybe two left...and i do have a key. while i'm there i could take a nap in his bed. although, i may be using the asparagus as an excuse to go over there, just so i can smell his smell in his apartment. yeah, i'm not much of a napper either. 020325
Thirty-Seven! has been known to result in bad taste_in_men (if you know what i mean) 020325
distorted tendencies I dont know..
I like asparagus.
I think it tastes so good.
~gez~ will not try it
will not = wont
MDogMA Hey anyone have an interesting asparagus recipe, I'm in the mood to experiment 030205
what's it to you?
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