z neon touches me
lost in subtlety
like the letter b.
grace notes
brush strokes
what, anymore, what.
would be satisfactory.
birdmad stand in the doorway in the midnight kitchen


what are you looking for?
amy that's me, up there. z.
anger again at the smallness of it all.
immature. although, that's a little of what i've been doing, here. maturation, i've needed it. gimme more.
shel silverstein "there's a polary bear
in my frigidy-aire"
ian internet fridge magnets 030219
not a blatherstalker magnetic_poetry 040306
Special K you know... there really isn't that much to say about a fridge... the only thing they are good for is storing foood (which is an important job cuz food is awesome) i mean seriously, who DOESN"T love food? it's great (that's probably why i'm fat!! 040625
Spink Newton, Iowa
Where most of the fridges in the country are made.
Where most of the ranges are made in the country
Cedar Rapids ,Iowa
Where most of the meth is made
me i opened the fridge at about 4am. sometimes i wake up real thirsty, so this was a run for a drink. i opened the fridge, and that cool blue light shone out of it. i was still in a daze, and not thinking clearly from being tired, which is probably why i stopped short when i saw the letter you had left me earlier that day. it was illuminated by the fridges light. i stopped short, and forgot about my drink. i thought about thw ay you cried, and the way you said you were sorry, and the way you said you loved me, and then the way i walked away from you, and left you there crouched on the ground sobbing. you cheated on me, and i was angry, and you probbaly even deserved it. but as i stoof there in the dark, looking at that letter you delivered to me, and remembering everyhting you said...and i didnt want to lose you. maybe it was the delerium of sleep, maybe it was an honest to god guilt but i wasnted to take eveything i said back. i culdnt throw it away. even if you couldnt be truste,d even if you put that doubt in my mind, its better than nohting at all. and i needed you back. thats why i came to you the next morning, and thats why i kissed you. just in case you were wondering. 050426
jio jio 100215
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