For sure! i'd have one right about now......................but then i'd get..........FAT! 000712
silentbob oh FUCK THAT! one snack aint gonna make you fat! go head!
for sure, you need to enjoy yourself.
here, i'll help you. ice cream. whoppers. licorice. those are good. root beer floats. these are the cupcakes of life my friend, now add some sprinkles. OH! cupcakes!
moonshine Pastel covered almonds, yogurt pretzels, nori maki, marichino cherries 000928
j_blue snacks are good, but only in moderation, unless you decide to forego the entire practice of the formal meal, which i feel is an outdated ritual anyways.

just remember these few rules, and you cant get fat

take your multivitamin and fiber supplement
drink only diet soda or water
never eat anything fried
never eat anything starchy, like potatoes
never consume refined grains, and only eat unrefined grains with legume
avoid meats, dairy, and fruits
given the choice, always pick sugar over fat
when possible, always eat the sugar free, fat free, low cal version of everything
indulge in cucumbers, lettuce, jalepenos, pickels, kim chee, and other negligible vegetables
if someone accuses you of anorexia, any of the above rules can be ignored
calories are calories, so try to consumer between 1000 and 1500 a day, you dont want to look too emaciated

following the moderate anorexic lifestyle leads to chronic thinness, the malady of choice for the next generation. (side effects include lower body temperature, and slight risk of heart disease, nothing too serious though)
The Schleiffen Man i like cheese (sharp cheddar fo rme please) and lays potato chips 000928
miniver Antipasto and crackers, black bean dip and tortilla chips, yogurt covered raisins, cheerios, fresh peas, dill pickles, tropical JellyBelly jellybeans (tropical doesn't have popcorn-flavoured!), pistachio pudding, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, corn nuts, baked apples. 000928
Q and apple cinnamons? 000928
miniver And fig newtons! But, not the raspberry and apple cinnamon newtons -- I'm a Fig Newtonian Purist!

Baked apples do involve cinnamon, though. Yes, indeed.
miniver Bread pudding, honey drops, Christmas oranges, plain cold crepes, animal crackers, english scones, banana crunch trail mix, smoked oysters, nacho popcorn, strawberry marshmallows. 001107
cherise peanut butter and banana. tv or reading required for snackination 040628
did snack has to be the funniest word on the planet. aside from muffin.

food just cracks me up in general, I guess.
all stars oh, whats all that packaging then ?

they have got a problem with recycling.
they should sort the core problem out then, they fight with the shit in the end, we'ver got to fuck the world up and start again. who wants to eat the whole supermarket ? you won't want to if you are happy.
:-D wo invented Communism ?
was it Buddha himself ?

i give you Funism, who made the sky then ?

fuck knows !
what's it to you?
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