donaldson i want a sandwich with enough cheese to stuff a turkey 990604
donaldson not to be confused (ever!) with chess 990604
rsdio the anti-christ.

(or something like that...)
jessica when i was in middle school, my best friend and i used to discuss the boy i liked in code so her sisters wouldn't know. she saw a block of plastic cheese and the name stuck. every once in awhile we refer to cheese, but i don't think she knew that he abused me. and i don't think he knew his nickname was cheese. 990922
David I was on my excursions of life and I met these two beautiful French women. In my haste to make a suave impression I blurted out the first phrase in French that came to mind, "Bonjour, je sui le Framage." The laughed at me and told me I was a cute American. They nick-named me Gouda. I am the cheese. 990927
valis i can never be seen eating colby cheese. i look like a squirrel in need of ritalin, nibbling little individually sliced chunks. 991209
camille i gouda had cheese :o)
or i mozerella'd around and got no cheese
Moravian Piglet Cheese is the food of the gods. A perfectly formed Brie, softening up. 000124
Q Hey wait! That's reverse plagiarism. I came here to say cheese is the food of the gods. Obviously you took it right out of my head. Shame on you. Put your cheesehead back on and sit in the corner for three blathes. 000124
Moravian Piglet I will not!
It must just be the case that great minds blather alike!
Oh, by the way, Cheese is proven to be the favourite food of Students in my Christian Union.
Food for thought!
Q not too surprising. where i come from cheese is thought to inspire godly thoughts. my experience, though, when some good wine has been involved, has been somewhat different, but only somewhat. 000126
fyn gula crumbled feta on rice with a generous topping of lemon tahini dressing if eaten by everyone once a day will bring world peace. i swear. 000126
BoofPixie we go to the jitney at two a.m. and all that blonde kid wants to do is look at the exotic cheese display...jeez. there's plenty of melba toast out there to conquer. 000126
biff wellington EVIL CHEESE! 000425
Yoda I like cheese, god I love cheese. I can live off cheese, in fact, I mostly do. The thing that really bothers me and tears my mind to shreds is that I hate old milk. Cheese is old milk. I love cheese. I hate old milk. Cheese IS old milk..... AHHHH!!!!!!! HATE... LOVE.. WHICH ONE?!?!?! AHHH!!! :^) 001120
*spoons* cheese is me i am cheese a slice of kraft american indiviually wrapped made from whole milk surrounded by people just like me but blind to there surroundings 010128
mandin6o star cheese is like vagina 010526
fnord is what I cut far too often. 010527
lalalander my cat is eating my cheese. she put her dirty little tongue all over it and now i can't it. samn my cat. ruining perfectly good cheese. 010608
lalalander my cat is eating my cheese. she put her dirty little tongue all over it and now i can't eat it. dsamn my cat. ruining perfectly good cheese. 010608
lalalander my cat is eating my cheese. she put her dirty little tongue all over it and now i can't eat it. damn my cat. ruining perfectly good cheese. 010608
nocturnal three strikes and you're out. you were cutting it kinda close there. 010609
Casey You enjoy being mean don't you?

I don't eat cheese anymore.

"Most cheeses use cow's stomach lining(rennent)as a main ingredient."

-Too Much Coffee Man
nocturnal yes. I do enjoy being mean. I can't help it. I try to stop, but I have such low self esteem that it's the only way I have to try to feel better about myself. see, I'm really the victim here. the victim of this cold, lonely world. it gets to be too much sometimes and I just fill up with so much hate that I end up releasing it by taking shots at people such as yourself if you don't watch it and it just tears me up inside.

if you can't find the humor in my negativity towards other people, then just leave it alone! your petty comments won't change anything.
freakizh a cheese. cheese with holes. rockefort?
if you have more cheese, then you'll have more holes.
every hole uses the space of where its supposed to have cheese.
so, with more holes, less cheese.
with more cheese more holes and more holes means less cheese.
therefore, with more cheese you have less cheese.

thanks to angel.
snow angel you are so cheesy telling me im beautiful. you dont even know what beauty is. im not beautiful. but at least im not as cheesy as you...:) 011004
Teenage Jesus It's tough to beat a good Stilton. (Try it on pizza with pepperoni. Mmmmm good!) 011005
jealousy kitten the cheese stands alone =/ 011121
glenn say it and smile 020311
katdaddy if cheess is the food of gods, ami a god? hmm [alwasy wonderd bout that] i eat it all the time. i luv cheess. ok i am. now. dont fuk w me!!! hmm. that was ez. [ok dont say it--che..] haha. i think hot cocoa is too. 020313
Syrope oooh swiss with wheat crackers... cheddar slices and lunch meat.
thats funny bout nicknaming the guy friend and i use code for "the guy of the moment" - cheeseburger. no abuse though, i just dont think she knows i sometimes end up fooling around with her cheeseburgers...
Spag i love cheese ....string every kind of cheese is the best!! cheese is my favorate food!! NO ONE LOVES CHEESE MORE THAN ME!!!! i eat cheese for lunch breakfest and dinner!! don't forget snak time!!!!!!!! CHEESE 020409
Ariadani cheese is good. except raw milk whatever that was from wisconsin. bleh! 020409
Toxic_Kisses "I ware the cheese, the cheese does not ware me" Buffy (I think) 020426
sprhrgrl send help or. 021216
AdvocateofDairy Ironically, what my friend Dave from Milwaukee is not fond of. 021217
Insomniduck I like cheese. 021218
coldmeshach Fresh out of the box with 2 staples.
Haven't I seen this before?
I dunno.
Just Find the time to use it whenever possible.

"Hey! What'd Mr.Mousy do to the cheese!"
full oBah if onle he'd wore a white hat, we all would have trusted him so well 021218
MKR Do not taunt the cheese. 030502
daviejones Voici la fille qui suis-je,
En cœur, âme et ésprit,
Et elle dit que beaucoup d'elle est moi aussi.
Nous venons bien ensemble,
Nous discutons et rions,
Nous pensons et autrefois nous pleurions
morganicpunkjoshRM cheese is a male reproductive organ 030608
ferret you can only eat so many cheese_chunks 030718
etoiles would you like a little cheese with that whine? 030902
User24 Shropshire blue, Brie, Stilton, Roulé, Gouda, Edam, Roquefort, White Stilton, Wensleydale, Goats' Cheese, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester

any type of cheese, but not, ever, cheddar. yuck, I mean, cheddar fucking sucks ass.
TK Don't Eat KRAFT!!!
whome What's so bad about cheddar?!

I love cheddar. Especially with apple.
thespacebetween i like fondue
i remember this one time i went with my mom to the melting pot for dinner and she got a chocolate cd for it being her birthday and all.
i also like brie. when my family used to come from up north this one lady always made brie. everyine else i know hates it. i think its wonderful...
REAListic optimIST hot rasperry spread on warm brie on crackers is divine 031125
thespacebetween ya its good 031129
A The kind of cheese I'm thinking of isn't made of milk. It's really gross. I won't go any further. 031203
lani and jesse I LOVE CHEESER!!!!!!!!!!! 031207
Ryan The Cheese Poem
by Ryan R

cheese is good
cheese is great
marble moz and ched

i lost my hat
in the cost
of another wrongful dead

mold grows over
left too long
it sat and sat some more

but i opened up
the fridge again
i put it back in the door

never knowing
never knowing
one would eat it still
who would do themselves this wrong
and not check the cheese when chilled

the cheese my friend
was left too long
too long too long too long

and now the cheese
cheese they eat
the cheese is
being cut

couldnt have had
bread or meat
or both
without the chut

this is what happens when
you eat moldy cheese

and your body cant contend
when you have allergies

you cough you weeze
you choke you fall
you hack some more
and then

you begin to ball

you fall and smash your chin

you curl up a bit

you grow some awful hives

unable to breath or see
another cheese eater dies

you die you die you die
you die you die you die

so in the end
you know that now
you should have checked the cheese

that wonderful mush
from the cow
but you just couldnt see

past that tender
cheese like taste
you just didnt know

your time had come
the cheese was laced
the cheese was graced

with mold
parmesan sorry Ryan, my cheese poem is better.

because it's a song

Oh won't you tell me who invented cheese
So I can thank them and bow on my knees
Was it Einstien, Plato, Socrates?
Was it done for a reason, or just to please?

Who were the people that invented this food?
I must give my respect, for it is SOO GOOD.
I'll go to the place in which cheese was born
So that I can eat it each night and each morn.

Was it the egyptians, romans or the greeks,
Or were they too busy with plumbing leaks?
Were they germanic, nordic, saxon or gaul?
I don't care, I'll eat it all!

You can grate it, melt it, slice or grill
And it always gives me such a thrill
Cats can eat it, dogs can too
And it's made from the cows that go moo

You say "cheese" when you take a pic
A joke is cheesy if you laugh at it
The Big Cheese is always boss
Greenbay cheeseheads have rarely lost!

Parmesan gouda goat cheddar
american mozzarella muenster
monterrey jack ricotta whiz
cottage cream velveeta swiss

Eat it with mac, grilled on toast
Plain slices' how I like it most
With fruit, with pie with burgers too
On pizza, pasta, I like to chew

Cheese is yellow
It's not blue
Cheese is SWEET
AND NONE FOR YOU! (it's for me)
emmi cheese and olives, my two passions. i must have them in stock for those 4am cravings.
my favourite is the gouda with cumin seeds. yummy.
fasfx Richard Cheese 040228
imaskitzo cheese makes me poop 040323
her royal highness the quirk and you said *i* was a bad friend... 040324
_pax_ CHEESE!!!! :-D 040325
Chelsea is good. I can eat a whole bag. shredded or cubed or melted on chips or w/e.. mmm.. its all good! 040409
her royal highness the quirk i'm cheesin tonight :-D 040418
Laroo As i sit here in this forgotten day,
i ponder out the essance of cheese
from goat or cow non shall know,
non shall care
the cheese is one with us all
witchesrequiem One of the best foods ever realized by man! 040619
the mighty boosh is a kind of meat 040619
hunnybunny cheese and pickles i love them oh so much 040708
Me? Huh? 040803
no you i like a good apple wood smoked. the cheese is under the table with the granny butter. 040929
caresscoffee BobLuvzCheeze

I love cheese & peanut butter sandwiches
me FREAKKKKKK i hate cheese 041129
speaking of things that stink 041129
that is all 041129
fix 041129
... String Cheese
what a great new years eve incident
somebody yum! 050126
qqqq almost as good as jennifers thong that she wears hanging out of her jeans.

cheese i 4 teh 1337 hax0r
cheese one time i ate up a lot of cheese then my poop had a yummy cheese texture to it. 060205
oliver the most typical random thing to say

besides cow

anmd chicken
Keil I LIKE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whew, that felt good. Who was the first guy to leave his milk out and say: "Hey! This looks good! I think Im going to eat it." oO

...Well whoever he was, he's my hero.
Yes me. Cheese.
I say this before I get my picture taken.
Isaou I'm sorry to burst the enthusiastic cheese bubble, but I hate it, with a passion.
It's on pizza, then all is well =]
little black book "
in my little black book... theres someone i used to know....

day by day time slips away
where did our love go
- in my little black book.... "

it's my mummys CD not mine OK !
pete is on sale. tell your friends and lovers. also it's regular price is slowly falling from the ridiculousness of the past few years 070420
Pimp ya Castle ! shit.. it's hard being any kind of artist..
but it is better than sitting in an office working out insurance.
celebrate life... sing, dance and paint..
who cares if you've got a crapped out Skoda...
if ya lucky someone might Pimp it for you !
Isaou =o you have a skoda?? 070505
hah ! yeah ! don't you like it !

pimp it then !
what's it to you?
who go