The Schleiffen Man not a race, not an event
not a person, not a state of being
a state of mind.
my state of mind.
i rule britannia with my devilishly quick synapses and long limbs.
I conquer and enslave with my puppydog eyes and blonde hair.
I destroy silence with great YAWPS!

I am Nordic. And no one can stop me now.
MollyGoLightly sometimes little gypsies like me stick our feet out and trip the tall tall Nords 000523
abraham lincoln I knew people who owned the Nordic Track and they all said it "sucked horribly". I would have to agree with them. 010805
ass facely i got the "polish track" in order to save some money. consider yourself lucky! 010805
MisterFunkadelic yo, Ass!

didn't that only have one leg?
what's it to you?
who go