pan you might well consider long before taking me in - sweet and powerful and dangerous and dark, swelling with light and tautly held outrageous expression. you might well pause before opening to the warm caress of my voice - the sheath for an exquisitely sharp blade. you might well wonder if you could hold a flame. i can ask you anything? what would a candle ask a moth? 980907
Pacia may I have this dance? 981108
marjorie only one thing at a time
muddled minds make rainbow puddles
dirt on shoes christens
would you like to reconsider?
we could be so young
Aaron what she should have done before she left me. 000805
zavyman That is all I ask
Just think about it
Think carefully
I've been shot down
One too many times

Busy you say?
I'm sure we could make time
All the time in the world
There must be some
Left for us

I've poured out my heart to you
Tried to let you know
Just give me some indication
Some sign that you care

I'll leave you alone
Just give me one more chance
This is all I ask
Between us two
Just this one thing
This is all I ask
laura greater
is the one within my heart
than the one
whom i more often
bet nobody else gets that joke Death will thank you for your gift. 010827
Inanna Every day you are one day closer to death. Every day you threaten another,
you are one threat closer to killing yourself. Karma will laugh at you and
and you and you. The REAL joker laughs last, which is not you. They will find you. They'll just have to wait. They know what you are doing.
what's it to you?
who go