Shar robbers
pointy objects
Michael Jackson
WoNDERGIRL your smile
your kiss
your lingering smell in my bed
your eyes
and the light inside
the thought of you in my hear
wwwondergirlistired typos are also dangerous

I meant head, not hear
the schleiffen man this is what i need to be more of.... if i were more dangerous, less people would trample me.... but then again, less people would approach me too... and i don't want less people.... so i can't have my cake and beat it up too.... 000608
Grendel i'm not soure of that

o schleiffenator

i know that most people seem to think i'm more interesting when they think i'm a little bit dangerous
girl the people you open up to, the people you trust, the people you love are dangerous because when you open yourself up to them you give them the power to hurt you.
be careful

Inanna Accurate nuclear bombs
Ideas the world is not ready for
Sea snakes entangled in a fish net
Abused pitt bulls
Sea snakes entangled in a fisherman's net
Blue ringed octopus
The New Breed
Anger held inside for too long
Technology evolved
invisible butterfly ur too dangerous to love...there's to much danger in u...i wanna love u , i really do , but how can i with all the fear of you breaking my heart , and the only reason i'm scared of that is bc u've already broken my trust , yet sumthing inside keeps telling me that your not going to hurt me...why do i have to lie to myself like this...ur a dangerous boy...i should learn to stay away 020523
q hn' 030602
anon. you.
and her.
and i know i'm not alone in thinking so. so stop it before the whole thing blows up in your face and you end up just another one of her carelessly tossed-aside trinkets. i dont want her to steal you away from me but i guess it's too late. i hope you know what you're getting into, that you're gonna end up hurt. i wouldn't have hurt you. not for the world. i wish you would've given me that chance to prove it to you...
no reason everything's going so well and at this moment i don't need you anymore. 041110
changed this site is dangerous. anywhere where the truth is spoken, emotion are not heldback, is dangerous. nessecary, and an infinite source of knowledge, but dengerous as well. you never know....could the next thing you read change you forever? 041205
changed and more importantly, is that a risk you are willing to take? 041205
innocent insect beautiful_lie 041205
sab isnt a bad thing to be 041208
fierce_otterpup hell no!
dangerous. well, it would be dangerous.
and that would be fun.

i just don't know if i am or not.
andru235 everything seems rather safe
when compared to a nuclear strafe
if you want to feel more thrills
avoid nuclear winter's chills
Ptolemy DCLVIII Pah! Why stop at being scared for your life, when you could be scared for your nation! Why not just be scared for your whole planet. Or be afraid for your entire galaxy. Hell, why stop there! You could be afraid for existence itself!

Please don't. Don't be afraid. Not only is anxious fear generally useless, it is also rather annoying.

The key, Andru, is not to be afraid.
Dante... Bruno. Vico... Joyce. "The danger is in the neatness of identification."

-- Samuel Beckett
no reason i'm already starting to want things from you that i can't have 090323
unhinged it seems i always want things from people i can't have 090324
unhinged (it still flashes through my mind
the look in his eyes

i stay away from eyes like that now)
. . 090324
no reason you shouldn't make something everything 100503
hsg word

in general, i don't like generalizations
no reason i don't either
but realizing patterns helps
FA113N This is a dangerous_game

But I can't stop playing.
what's it to you?
who go