gaudior angry words leave an angry red welt across my face 000115
marjorie Did you hear that sound?
It seemed so loud to me
The world drowned it out though
And you didn't hear even it as an echo fading...
It was my heart breaking.
girl i dont think i am anymore
i had been for quite some time but after a while i got stronger. now im strong enough to handle the pressure that i would have once colapsed under
al is what it feels like i am doin
i am going
back to you
to try again
it hurts
im scared
yet in love
i feel if i let
go of you
i will lose my balance and fall.
danielle breaking point : the point where i can no longer stand being told something. the point where i can no longer stand being with you. the point where too much hate gathers inside me and i fuck it all away.
try and tell me you love me now.

fuck you.
Jon? Which will go first, my fist or the cinder-block wall? You are my last hope, and I will break when you do. Though it will never show, though you will never see, I part of me rests with every one.

Don't look down.
stupid sometimes I fall so fast that I forget not to look down.
and so I do and see nothing.
sometimes I must fight to keep the sounds of my own breathing from scaring me off onto the side of the road.
and when that fails, I will be lost forever.
silentbob "She broke up with me," he said into the tape_recorder. "Probably for good this time. It doesn't stop hurting. it's so strange, for some reason, despite the fact she broke up with me earlier, i'm still cracking after all these hours."
he stopped and rewound that part.
"I am withdrawing from the game" he told the tape recorder and he told himself. "I am out. See ya."

see ya.
Dawn of Death and Gore away
not because i want to
i have to
if i am suffocating, being choked by lies in and endless flood
it's all in the name of survival
even if you think about death
there is still only a certain amount of psychological pain you can tolerate before you know it's time to breathe somewhere else
Syrope i always clung to the idea that you gave me confidence, that being with you let me learn to like myself.

but now you say the same things to her. and it's simple. i just don't believe the things you told me any more. i will not be in her category, because...unanimously, if you bothered to ask...she is trash. it's an insult to me, for you to repeat those things, not that you even know how to think in these terms. you know, terms of me and how i feel and how i'm affected.

so it's surprising to me that even the old feelings, the things i was so sure of, that i would at least be able to look back on with fondness, are breaking. i'm almost scared to keep investigating, to keep seeing just how long i'd lied to myself, but it's also liberating.

i will find the difference between breaking and breaking_free.
unhinged my heart's at it again. oh anthony ; now all of a sudden you make me feel like a horrible person that i can't be glad for you. but i can't. 080721
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