Shar I am mighty.
I am the Tick.

He is stronger than me. By wearing his T-shirt, maybe I can be stronger too.
freakizh what doesn't kill me. 010722
Casey I wont yell at them even though they yell at me, I am stronger 010722
baby satan cher gave me a lap dance. i toasted an english muffin. that was before i discovered vanderfookin. what a sad little demon i used to be. 010722
rollins I am weak
Looking to get stronger
When I open my eyes all the way
It's all there is for me
Kindness is strength
It's easier to close a door, than to keep it open
Hatred is easy
Frustration is life on pause
These are truths that are hard for me to deal with
I learned a lot this year
I think I am stronger than last year
Self creation is painful
Trying to take my parent's blood out of mine
Trying to stand on my own two feet
Without leaning on someone else
Looking to myself for total strength
To be
FreakFly I see how eyes can cut me deep. The pain it makes me weep. I need her sparkling life so bright. Ive turned it off dark as night. Standing alone where's my seat. Shaking legs I feel so weak. Head pounding harder throbbing now. Find her someone please somehow. Wisper the thing I can do. Anything just to be with you. Becki's presence by me no longer. Alone I am weak not stronger.

good bye
Sintina Everyday I must be stronger than the day before or those that need my strength may not make it any longer. 020207
master b8 stronger everyday

i dont care abt this strength and weakness thing - it's another trap for labelling others.

who's talented? who's expandable?
Bizzar I have to make myself be strong. I have to stop acting like a baby. Im not gonna let him have reign over me like guys Ive dated in the past. I cant let that happen again. Ive had a sort of revelation. Im gonna stop reading so deep into everything he says and does, or doesnt do. Im gonna stop thinking too much. Ive known from the beginning hes very different than anyone Ive ever met, he handles things differently, and if I continue to do things the way I have, I just may lose my mind. So thats it, Im done worrying. Im gonna give him his space, and let things happen.

If is doesnt work, life goes on. I can live without him if its what must be done, I just dont want to. If hes taught me anything, its that you cant depend on anyone but yourself. Hes damn right. Especially someone who hasnt the slightest idea what he wants out of all this. So choose carefully, my dear, but dont expect to find anything better.
Joshua James I'm stronger by the day. I thank you for killing me on the inside to make me stronger. These shoulders can carry the world. I'm no longer scared of anything in this life, or death. You want to see what strength is, look into my eyes. An icy cold blue, cold as stone, hard like steel, and chilling to look into. I know, I look at myself everyday in the mirror. Atleast I can. Only the strong can survive, and I have once again proven that even being broken I am stronger than you. These arms may not get bigger, these legs may not either, but nothing can break me. Try, you'll break yourself.

Your so pathetic...
no reason i think i've become 080106
Jayanne Who is stronger than I
And carries my weight
Upon His shoulders
The one who
Lives inside me
This cannot be broken
Or shattered with exceptions
Not some but all things
Accomplished thru the unseen
Hero of my heart
I plug into the power source
The mover of muscle and mind
In a room of machines
Beyond the world's empty promise
There are no pounds
That match nor exceed
This boulder sized rock
Monstrous burdens
Lifted high like a feather
No longer slipping
Thru fingers grasping
Overcome with gravity
Impossible fades
Independence lost
Fitness gained
Thru my redeemer
go Easy sweating 150213
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