Calidor Many people ask: What would Jesus do? A better question might be: What would jesus do for a Klondike bar? 020701
bc There comes a point where the relationship and its affect on oneself becomes more important than the love and affection that once seemed so strongly felt for the other person.
When it gets to that point,
if it gets to that point,
then it's time to start getting out the scales.
Spare Change The greatest love ever concieved was not born soley of passion, but of respect. 031027
Jack Napier You ca't handle the truths. 040820
Messy Typing I cat handle the truths. What am I wearing kitten mittens? 040820
Schmidt It's "can't," you piece of shit. And you're the one who can't handle the truth.

God bless.
Ptolemy DCLVIII The only truths I "feel" that I "know" are linguistically inaccessible. When I contemplate such truths I think not in words, nor necessarily in images or sounds....

Internally, I often feel that I do not yet understand something fully until I am able to understand without resorting to words and codification. Admittedly, I do not fully understand most things. The things which I do understand soon seem remote when I begin trying to codify.

The external impression I receive from many (but not all) others is that they cannot regard as true (nor feel that they understand) anything which *isn't* codifiable with words.

Obviously I love words. I am not trying to disparage words altogether. Words are often critical building blocks for gaining understanding into many, many things.

It's just that the few things I've ever felt to even remotely resemble "absolute truths" have always been unattainable via language. Perhaps to me, the keyword here is 'felt'; I think truth has an experiential element to it, an element which cannot be satisfactorily addressed by theorization.

Perhaps there are many different "great_truths" and every being understands a different selection thereof... .
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