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The Spork To her credit, Even though i have never particularly cared for her Music or her Movies (except Silkwood and the Witches of Eastwick) She was the first person to point out that wounded troops at Walter Reed Hospital had been rather conspicuously ignored by the same pro-war Civillian (so-called) Leaders who had sent them off to War.

So far, the only visit that Chimpy Neutron, Boy Emperor has paid the wounded was when he went to have his knees checked (Clearly from the stress put on them caused by the time spent Sucking all of that Corporate Cock)

Cher called in to a discussion show on C-SPAN, trying to remain anonymous and told them about the Wounded Troops she met, a story which doesn't get much play in the Mainstream Media which should get its knees checked for the stress brought on by sucking all that Karl Rove Cock

She went to visit with the wounded, Ostensibly of her Own Volition. Cher went out of her way to visit them. President Yellow-Stain only went to Walter Reed because he's got a bad meniscus and WRMC is also where Presidents (and Impersonators Thereof) go for medical care

In other words, the Boy in the Bubble did not go out of his way to visit them, he went merely out of convenience, something he couldn't bring himself to do during any of the vacations he's taken in the Nine Months since the War began

("Oh, hey, Karl, send them news cameras over while I'm here, I'll pay a quick visit and some lip-service to these people who I brought this Misery on")

It's been ShrubCo Policy to ban cameras from the airfield where the planes bearing the wounded and the dead are brought back, claiming they "Don't want to upset the families" as if they were not already upset over the death of their Loved Ones. The cynical answer to why the cameras are banned is, Sadly, Closer to True.

It isn't out of any purported Sensitivity to the Deceased or their Families, it is because Team Bush wants to paint as Bloodless a picture of this whole story as Possible.

Bush's people have learned One Important Lesson from Viet Nam, but it's the Wrong Lesson.

The Lesson they Should Have learned was to avoid Eisenhower's and LBJ's mistakes. The lesson they've demonstrated that they Have learned is that Flag Draped Caskets are bad for keeping the population supportive of a bad idea.

Nixon, for all of his other Numerous Sins, had sense enough to concede the Obvious and get the US out of Viet Nam.

Unfortunately, Iraq is Washington DC's mess and a continued presence, as well as the Sad, Sorry fact of Attrition (That's Death, folks) is going to be in the forseeable future for some time because a bigger power vacuum there now will only result in More Spilled Blood later.

Contrary to the Administration's dearly held belief, The_Democracy_Fairy isn't going to magically swoop down over Iraq and make them "Just Like Us"

It hasn't in Afghanistan.

I still don't Care for Cher's Music, but I'll say that her Human_Credentials are a thousand times more Valid than any in the Current Administration.

Happy New Year, Kiddies.
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