unhinged at some point this evening, probably while i was making him cds, i procured a papercut in the web between my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand.

this is a particularly bad place for a papercut, particularly on that hand.
Mr. ~ I really SYMpathize with that Unhinged. In 2004 I was to play some solo keyboard music at wedding. It was my first "performance" of any sort in at least four years, and days before it I accidentally cut my right forefinger. Certainly on a piano, one seems as if one could just use other fingers. But I am not a virtuoso, and the prospect of botching things seemed ~ high, because the cut, while not huge, was also not small. Fortunately, it had partially healed by the wedding, but ultimately I feel like it was the mysterious force of fortune smiling upon me, or at least preventing me from hosing my friends' wedding, which ultimately was a beautiful one.

I am sending you finger-healing energies, lady!
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