Cassandra something is mysterious when you know that has something deeper, or that the something deeper is waiting for you just over the horizon, but you cant get it, therefor it sparks curiousity. 000624
Tank are the parts of me i have yet to discover, and also the parts that create marvel within me. the known can be a mystery, in that i wonder at it's origins and passages to fruition... 000828
danielle to remain mysterious i like to remain anonymous to people passing by in the street. in the school. in others lives..
to you i can be nothing. or i can be everything. either way... neither of us will know whether it will matter to me or whether i will be the one to tell you who i am and what has happened to me in the years of my life. therefore you and i remain mysterious to eachother. therefore we are anonymous.
Bizzar One who used to seem so distant
Now an inigma within my sight
Hes opened up more than I ever imagined
and I know him more than I ever thought I could
Light has ridden him of shadows
and brilliance rises in his eyes
Through unfiltered vision
He sees me for what I never could
I wonder what I look like...
celestias shadow only if someone can see you through a wall of iron, if they can see your face and know what you are thinking even though you haven't said a thing, then you know you aren't mysterious anymore. 030629
randomly recent enigma.

puredream I know you. I do I do. Don't I? 040705
lacunas coil the voice came from the North. it bellowed over the sound of the flying living creatures, each with four heads and four wings. "what do you love" it screamed. i fell to the ground, terrifed to look at this monstrosity. i was unable to speak. the winds from its wheels and the flapping of the creature's wings blew me to my feet. the voice repeated itself: "what do you love?"

i tried to answer it. the words that came out of my mouth were in a strange language that i dimly recongized from class. the voice, the creature on that giant throne, it laughed and said, again, "what do you love?"

what do i love? i certainitly don't love it. i love life. truely i do. i love nature, and the loons. but do i really love them or only seemingly love them? "what do you love?" it repeated again.

it began to circle me, the winds blowing me around on the ground, threatening always to drop me into the river. "what do you love?"

do i love life, or the action of living? i had to be perfectly honest or, i knew, something horrible would happen. the sky opened up into a tremendous down pour, lightning striking all around me. "what do you love?"

i love the action of living. i love the action of percieving nature. no, it is more than that I love what lies behind those actions, what lies within the very movement of my heart when i live, when i admire nature, when i love. i love love i thought, but no that wasn't true etiher. "what do you love?" it was shouting, each syllable puntuated by a blast of thunder, the world was lit by thunder.

if i love love, then i love what it is to love, or what i am in love with. but not the person or the thing that i am love with, but the essense that is within everytthing that i love. i tried to pronounce my thoughts, but more gibberish came out. lightning danced around me, i was thrown into the river by the rage of the thing's wind. "what do you love?"

struggling to reach the surface of the river i felt as if i was about to drown. the water rushed down my lungs. i reached for air, for anything solid to support my self. i was dying. i felt like i was dying. "what do you love?"

the river shook with a mightly rage as the waves spat me onto the shore beside jesus rock. "what do you love?"

i was crying, unable to think. i screamed out but no sound came. "what do you love?"

thunder, more thunder. murderous lightning, wild fire, tears, winds, vicious winds! "what do you love?"

"beauty!" i screamed out, at last. "I love beauty!"

i collapsed as lightning struck jesus rock, sending spark flying everywhere. above the creature laughed horribly. the earth shock in its merriment. i tried to hug the earth, my eyes felt heavy, i was having trouble breathing. more laughter. more laughter!

what! what! thunder! lightning! rain! wind! waves! that horrible laugh! too much! too much!

and the words, the silent words. "very well indeed." they flooded my mind. i lapsed.

waking up torn and battered i looked around at the midday sun. a dog was sniffing at me. a girl about my age was looking at me confused. "hello" she said, "what ever happened to you?"

i said something in that strange tongue, and she looked at me in an even more strange way, if that is even possible. "well," she said, "if you live around here ill help you home." i nodded and she extended her hand. i took it and leaned heavily against her. "whoa there! you might try to take a bit of your own weight!" i tried and ended up on the ground again. she helped me up, again, and slowly but surely we walked home together.

in my apartment she saw me into my bed and got me to write my number on a piece of paper, i was still unable to speak any recongizable language. "i'll call you in a few hours to make sure you are alright" she said.

i lay in bed unable to think properly, unable to understand what had happened to me. my thoughts where still raging in that hebrew-ish language that had captured me. no thoughts came past the tears that streamed down my face. i entered a deep trance-like state, not asleep, not awake, not breathing, not dying, not living. my mind raced beyond any experience i've ever had before.

and then the phone rang.

'hello" i said, shocked at the english that came from my lips.

"hi, this is jenn, the girl who helped you home. i'm glad you can speak now. how are you?"

"i'm... i'm afraid." it was true. i had no idea what happened to me.

"mind if i come over with some food," she said.

strange indeed i thought, and was surprised at the clarity of that thought. all i could think to say was "yes" as i nodded.

"good, see you in twenty." the line went dead. i fell asleep and was woken up about half an hour later by a brunette about my hieght wearing a long khaki skirt, with a cerulean blue shirt on. "glad to see you alive" she said, smiling. her eyes were grey and there coolness comforted me. i propped my self up and ate the rice and beef mix she brought me.

"thank you" i said.
lovelygirlie you keep being interesting as long as you are mysterious 040715
emmi in my highschool yearbook thing, the words people most used to describe me were quiet and mysterious... then again i was also voted most likely to get caught in a stampede... most people in my highschool knew very little about me though. 051014
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