vicious your eyes drive me onward 000107
gaudior a labor of love, which we are put here to perpetuate. 000115
marjorie you wanted to create a utopia
and i wanted a reality
we combined them.
the explosion was huge
like francium and water
utopian reality?
but at least we got to see the end.
of everything.
is the same as destruction.
Mlle Avril I get paid to create what I see in my head. I am lucky. 001221
Sintina you are lucky. I create what I see in my head as often as i can. I put it on paper but I don't get paid for it and I probably never will. But I do it anyway. People like to see some of it. And some of it is just for me. 010106
Annie111 I create and crinkle destroy desecrate manipulate undermine plot plan ruin smile jitter tittilate please seduce all from the privacy of my own self. 011215
Annie111 I think I'm evil. 011215
cube within the confines of virtual space i too create. restricted by the functional requirements of the hardware and limited by 'down time' measured in the thousands of dollars per hour (penalty clause deadlines can be even more exciting).

above this is the joy of creation. the flow of ideas to source is rivetting - exhilerating even. the challenge is not just to create, but to create something of beauty.

form following function is beauty in this demanding environment
j i was created by ryan whom i love dearly. he woke up everything in me, and i will never forget him 020515
antonym man destroy 020515
Altered States i was in that ultimate moment of terror which is the beginning of life, it is nothing, simple hidious nothing, the final truth of all things is that there is no final truth, truth is whats transitory, it is human life that is real. 020729
phil kinda sounds like you're talking out of your....mmmm ass? 020729
Bianca WAIT STOP!!! stop writting your personal thoughts.....What if "THEY R" usuing them..the blather creators...our inner most deepest thoughts...some of which r beautiful..poetic... disturbing..thoughtful...what if they r usuing them for something....anything..creating a site n stealing ur thoughts...ur words...i dont know about u but my words r the only things i have left....i cant have them taken from me...what if all if in a book...our words...which belong to us...what if it is some fucked up type of religion...the thoughts of our minds...yes, i luv this site...i blather all the time..but it has just hit me...if the creators of blather or someone who the creators work for...take or steal our thoughts...our words..what does that leave us with...words n thoughts make up who i am..its what i know will always be ther despite what happens..w/o them what does that leave me with.. 031110
misstree words and thoughts are byproducts of You, not you. a dog is not his fur and his poop.

the creators of blather can have all my words and thoughts, as long as they leave me credit, and throw a bomb-ass party if they get rich from it. without blather, i probably wouldn't have written the five tons of crap and twenty-three pounds of platinum that i have.
Bianca as long as i live something i empty...i will never be complete.. 031110
Bianca hahahaha...soo true..soo true 031110
nootme blather is a form of publishing
like any/all forms of public
communication and conversation?

with words we reveal
we shape
we share
the things
offer buy
heartz and sols
. meep meep 040218
cpgurrl u have driven me 2. 040720
illusionary_reality mould me with your words.
create me in your own fashion.
it is all the same to me.
i am only who you want me to be.
and right now i am merely words on a screen.

create them into a tangible reality.
andru235 for what else, i ask,
what else is there to do
but to create
before us lies an infinity
squander not that opportunity
on the repetition of days
Borealis create....

create chaos?

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