monica a_dam luv! 000326
boy she wrote "luv ya!"
now what, exactly, does that mean?
lost i think its freindship type love. if they dont spell it out i dont think they mean it as romantic type love. 010503
raeffer Here I am trying to find a way but instead seem to have a major battle raging within. Memories and emotions fighting against the need to find an exit from all the confusion. The pain is fearsome and the thought of losing her devestating. So disappointed that she has given up on me and the lonliness echoes around my chest. I dont know what to do. We were meant to be together forever. Searching to the bottom of my soul for the reasoning behind it. Any clarity in thought smudged by the tears running down my cheeks. Cannot see any fairness in it all and am struggling to find the a reason to move forward. Trying to fight the urge to pick up the phone and tell her that I love her but desparatly needing to. Knowing that I can't. Is it over? Refuse to to give hope on something I know is so beautiful.

Is this what luv is???
lost it could be. all though i am no expert. jsut a fool. 010507
Johnny Thunders "When I say I'm in love you best belive I'm in love, L-U-V.

I'm just lookin for a kiss."
MaraJade luv is what you say when you don't want to commit. its not like true, real, lucid, all powerful and encompassing *L-O-V-E*. Its just what it is and nothing more. 020515
tia what does it mean? 041115
cokehead of_freewill 060926
what's it to you?
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