jennifer my time
my money
my job(s)
my life
my mind
Deniedu is something you can get used to but shouldn't 010903
freakizh today was a bad day, competitively speaking.
in soccer. in volleyball (spelling?). in talent show. in bringing my food. in staying dry.

and finally.. i was naive, and i lost at my favorite battle: sarcasm.

feels like i'm losing myself.
lie down her life. My life. Sometimes I think its not my life I tell myself it is. She is my life , I am nothing without her. Losing? I think im already lost. 030104
sting i cant
i cant
i cant stand losing
rarebit i lost my self somewhere along the way and i don't no when or why i just know that i'm emty and uncaring 040213
Max512 Is it wrong to say i miss you? 040414
emmi the art of losing isn't hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster.
-elizabeth bishop
me project 060802
Syrope i dreamt that he raped me, finishing quickly and ignoring my tears and struggling to get away. as he went to leave, i spat "she doesn't even like you" and he just laughed.

and that was one of the calmer dreams.
unhinged flesh hangs from me now
without the weight behind it
to fill it out

over the years
i have shed 70 pounds
over the years
i have told myself
i couldnt possibly get any skinnier

in downward dog
my flesh hangs
from my lower belly
stretched by the past
the present having no weight behind it
gravity pulls
my flesh hangs
what's it to you?
who go