doggy 1 Go on over to the stereo
2 Put on a christmas album
god 3 give gail's shoe to enid 011117
User24 doggy, yeah I read that suicide recipe.

put a christmas album on, go insane.

it's a simple cause/effect thing, the record industry knows it.
megan breathing


fix here,
i have a gift for you,
hold it in your hand....
it is just the unwrapped knowledge i will always understand.
dafremen OK, so someone asks me if I think killer cops go to Hell. Here's my answer:

Whatever karmic Hell awaits those who kill without necessity, respect, reverence and regret for the lives they take, awaits EVERY ONE OF US WHO KILLS. PERIOD.

Here's a little thing called C.A.L.M.E.R. (Cops Acting Like Mature Emergency Responders ), for you cops who are unbuttoning your holster just a little too often:

C - Calm the fuck down. This isn't a wild west shoot out, its a normal job with the occasional crazy customer. Don't add to the crazy count.

A - Assess the situation. Yes, for the first 35 milliseconds a loaf of French bread can look remarkably like an Uzi, that's why you need to slow it the fuck down, Tex. Figure out what's going on, then recommend a nice cheese spread.

L - Leave your gun in the holster! WTF are you thinking? Preacher's not going to get you out of this man, keep your gun in the holster. Your dick too .

M - Make eye contact. Try to see a human being in front of you instead of a threat. They are looking for a friend to help them out, not a father figure to punish them. Know your job is about helping people, not roping, herding and branding them.

E - Exhale. Take a deep breath, man. You're almost through this crap without all of the paperwork, (nevermind those "mankiller club" guys down at the F.O.P. who still call you "cherry boy". They're just jealous of your clean conscience.)

R - Remember that you're not the only one who wants to get home alive.
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