it's not what you think
Quintessensual eagle in the snow makes an angel 991112
lotusflower get warm and toasty under the bedspread. 000213
bob mayo eulah lou "juanita" scaggs turned 102 today alone in the gutter with syphillis and a huge debt. 001007
god on keyboards, bob mayo 010129
kali arms wide 031007
whome photo editing it 031103
phil The fungus relayed through the hall crawling into keyholes up doors.

Spread into the sunlit rooms and gravitated towards the closet.

The fungus smoked; rays of sunlight split the fungus in two.

The fungus' new silver hide entwines with the chew tobaco looking tentacle.

As the silver strands burn along veins back to the main room.

The doors open with a boom. And the light is turned on, a facing hand brushes away the dust on the pedestal.

Setting down a great book, words are scrawled magically upon by some cursive hand.

Blather is not dead.
what's it to you?
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