typhoid bang, bang, you are dead! (r)
23 bullets in your head..
(is there any escape from noise?)
silvre i love the sense of power that comes from holding a gun. it feels so sexy in its strong weight in my palm. 000810
birdmad the stash house

we bought off one of the contractors to let us use
a new model home in what would eventually become an overpriced tract in the northeastern corner of the city

a desperate day
the weight of the .45 in my hand, the taste of the metal and the faint tang of gun oil

the hand of fate
the hand of god
call it whatever the fuck you will

of all the luck
on the day when i was patient and directed
when i was firm in my resolve

the damn thing jammed
Polt If i have one view on guns, it is this:

No, gun control is NOT a good idea.

Criminals will always have guns. No matter what. Law abiding citizens, by definition, would give up their guns if forced to by the government. So... let's see... that's a bunch of criminals running around with guns, and me without one... so what do i do when a criminal tries to shoot me with his gun? Die, i guess... to me it sounds like the most ass-backwards way to solve a problem i've EVER heard!

Zaphod Agree!! 011207
Annie111 I think that increasing background checks is a good form of gun control! I can't see any argument against them. if i'm wrong, please correct me, but it seems pretty sensible to check someone fully out before you hand them a murderous weapon. 011207
Norm Canada doesn't have guns. I've never seen one, in the rough neighbourhoods there might be guns. I own a rifle and a handgun.

Another fucking hunting accident.
Norm wait not a handgun, fuck, a shotgun. 011207
ClairE in_my_hand.

carne de metal gotta have them 020206
phil my arcade name 020207
lurk murder AND, we should perform background checks on everyone who ever buys a chainsaw. you know kitchen knives are dangerous; we should make sure anyone who buys fertilizer doesn't plan to blow up buildings, and card teenagers who purchase drano-they may want to drink it; any sort of chemicals; make sure the guy that buys a junior science lab is Really buying it for a junior scientist-not just to start a meth lab. do a background check on people buying condoms; make sure they aren't rapists. y'know, if a guy commited a violent crime thirty yrs ago does he now have no right to protect his home as he sees fit? and on another note; (the same, really)back when i was a teenager we went out and smashed up some peoples mailboxes, we were dumb, just screwing around but we got caught. it was in fact a federal offense. when i turned 18 it dissappeared from my Permanent Record, but if it hadn't, would i be dissallowed from buying a gun? what about my friend who once sold a hit of acid, the only one he ever sold , to an undercover cop? he can't vote, or buy a gun. so someday i'm going to buy a gun For him just so he'll have one. "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"--Aleister Crowley. (i believe you have to think alot harder about that statement before you really can judge it-ALL the ramifications) i'm an optimist, i believe that deep in our hearts everyone (at least almost everyone) knows right from wrong. and you can't stop violent crimes by trying to take away the weapons. a six year old could conceivably kill a man with a paper clip. but guns have no other useful purpose. tell that to a collector. better yet tell me what purpose a cheese danish serves other than to make one fat? what purpose does love serve? do you know how many wrong decisions 've been made through the blind desire of love? besides, with the safety on it makes a decent hammer. and what about the police? do you really want armed guards patrolling your neighbourhood, your highways, your malls, your life? and take away your right to stand a fighting chance against them? crime is part of society, just as in nature. should we carpet every surface of our existence with soft padding to make the world safe for boredom? safety security comfort and success are things we all seek, yet after a while these things lead to boredom. why play a video game that you always win? it leads to decadence. the kind of boredom which you all seek is the very thing which eventually leads to the amount of pointless crimes which you pretend to fight. the crimes which give your existence flavour. that flavour of fear and anger. a man with too much free time on his hands finds ways to amuse himself; new ways. and yet newer ways, until the limits of his vision are so far removed from the norm as to be considered perversion: rape, murder, violence, etc. violence is of course not the only outlet from boredom, but given infinite possibility it is bound to pop up. and given the human desire to achieve, to overcome, to hunt, it will pop up more often than not. humanity is born of nature, a system of survival in which violence IS the answer. a system of constant threat, and of reward at the expense of the weaker forms. when you take a creature out of that environment and expect it to change, well...
now certainly, we as humans have had centuries to adapt, but the impulse is still there; the need for sexual and violent gratification is evident everywhere in our society, the need to take risks to live within a certain level of danger: football, hockey, boxing, gambling, video games the stock market, the freeway. all these (and more) are modern outlets for the human need for danger. (why DO we slow down to look at a car wreck?) and in the average human this seems to be enough right? but why do you watch the news? how much of what is protrayed in the media really affects YOU to the extent that you need to watch it religiously at 6-o'clock every single day? does what you learn from the evening broadcast really affect the way you go about your daily routine? I've watched the news less times in the past year than i can count on my fingers (this excludes the 9-11 thing of course-that was better than any horror movie i've seen!) yet i still go to work, still pay my bills, and continue to go on living just like any ordinary person anywhere else. so why do you watch it? because it feeds your desire to believe that you are living with a certain amount of danger. as for me, i'm content just to live in a slightly bad neighbourhood and play violent video games- i don't need the news to scare myself, i can go watch freddy kruger if i want a scare.
so i guess the point is that gun control, number one is just an attempt to cure the symptoms of some problems that will continue to exist throughout society:
that humans as a part of nature need to feel danger now and then; therefore the horrible acts which you seek to put an end to are actually in some way beneficial to your existence, wether you admit it or not-everyone needs a cause.
and that there will always be individuals in any human society that have so much trouble conforming that it leads to violence, no matter what weapons they use.
and handguns make excellent hammers in a pinch, if you've ever been trying to hang a picture on a wall while holding a classroom full of children hostage, you should know this already.
CJ A gun does not in essence kill anyone it is a tool. For people who own one for defense or for some criminal means it is used as device to invoke fear. For most gun owners a gun is used for less dramatic means. A gun is used as a way to hunt. Many people rely on hunting as a way to supplement food that they can't afford. As a business such as meat processing, leading hunting expeditions, and as a way to make a living by selling accessories to hunt with. At this present day if guns were outlawed a large group of people would be without a job, and very large portions of wilderness would be destroyed because of lack of regulation of animals. 020903
fact most guns are not used to hunt 020903
Elzbieta Puts too much power in the hands of Man. 020903
Mesdup america is a technopoly.
the tools dont just empower us,
they control us.

go watch 'bowling for columbine'
by michael moore. get a few laughs, get a couple sobering moments.

Men with purple hearts, carry silver guns. And they'll kill a man
for what his father's done. But what my father did, you know it don't mean shit. I'm not him. -Conor Oberst
alphadog fucking ignorant gun lovin yanks, can't u see that if you didn't feel so insecure that you needed a fucking gun in the house you would be far less likly to get shot!!! why do you think so many people get shot over there, because every fucker has a gun! how ironic! 031027
phil I've got a gun
it's loaded all the time
fully automatic
perfectly aligned
marjorie please, do not sell them to idiots.
there is a whole in the wall of my mother's bedroom at my last apartment.
it didn't even prove the point.
just the desperation
marjorie a hole. not a whole. hah. 040328
fritz I pointed the gun at my head, pulled the trigger, and woke up.

When you die, you wake up.
Asai I love the way the bolt works, in concert with the gas piston, rotating from the locked position, stripping another round from the magazine and flying forward into the breech. Perfect headspacing, precise machinery working as planned to aid me in my ultimate purpose. Every inch of metal worked over, cleaned, and oiled. Action smooth as silk. My finger summons up the three-and-one-half pounds of force for the trigger pull. It breaks crisply, with no overtravel. At that moment, my heart stops and I am in bliss.

The paper target goes *pwof* and a circle appears in the middle, right next to the X.
what's it to you?
who go