dallas brewing up tasty intoxicating treats to share with the little kiddies. 980820
eric the present experiment more commonly referred to as 'the world'. 980907
adam is the shitty place i work. 990212
[marissa] the flourescent gods that grant
us beaming light at midnight;
command us to work, to squint,
to crunch the numbers and forget
the trees.


:of computers and fax machines and 300 pounds of calculator,

pushing out the infinitely many millions of digits of PI
(after the decimal place).
kirstin my sweet, sweet dog is a lab. her name is mocha. she is a chocolate lab. 990329
daxle the word just makes me cringe. I either am about to decide who I can deal with working with or am about to hear how much less sleep I get to have the next week. 990501
troy "..So come up to the LAB, & see what's on the slab..."
-From the song: "Sweet Transvestite"; verse sung by Tim Curry, as the character: "Dr. Frank'n'Furter"; from the Motion Picture: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".
dropout Well, Peter, the meth lab seems to be doing smashingly.

Hey, thanks Dave. Yeah... the kids have really been working hard.
splinken i need to get out of this computer lab. but i left my book at home. and. and. and.

paste! Her raincoat is scarred from mild
acid. Floor, dusty gems
of green cooperation.

"The glass weighs seven grams,"
according to dead field mice.
So many weapons, hush.

Her ladyship
has left for seven days
to dissolve what is missing.
Grab your toes and shit for me.
ofsuch all night I sit in my coat with skin-tight gloves on playing with chemicals and diseases. HIV I II and O. HTLV I II. HBc & HBsAg. HCV. 070112
what's it to you?
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