jennifer my mom got a new coat
and so I taught the 3 year old
in the day care
to say the word
Neo buy me a trench coat, buy me some steal-tipped boots, buy me all black clothing: pants, shirts, belts, shoes. Dye my Hair black, Buy Black sun-glasses. Black is the way. The Only way. buy me a trench coat. 000831
fritz He was walking alone one day, just down the street. Nowhere in particular. He wore a vinyl coat, with all of these gromets and studs set into it. And he had these shiny glasses so you couldn't see his eyes. His head was shaved, save for a short mohawk. It was black, but he was pale pale pale. He was seven feet tall I swear to this day.

I'm never going to forget that coat.

I'm convinced that he was an alien.
Casey I left it in the psych room. My teacher e-mailed me that he had it, but when I went to get it he didn't recognize me. 040503
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