me? The railings of the bridge
Were moving by the glass
The opportunity to leave
Was coming up fast

The situation passed across my
Mind once more,
And I decided that I needed
Less not more
Less not more
Less not more
marjorie I counted three fewer today
That is less
In any business the idea is not to get less
but to get more
And to sacrifice one's self
in the name of someone else
would be much more, not less, than you deserve
because it would be like dying
every single minute
of every single day
birdmad than zero 000903
lost not more. 010503
kx21 Less vs. More

Do less for less,
Do more for less,
Do less for more,
Do More for More...
florescent light payless 010503
melvinwang the thing i continue to gain in life 010504
lost hey waddya know melvinwang we have sumthin in common. 010730
sphinxradio i hate the way i feel when you talk about yourself like that.
you know, you make people jealous and resentful sometimes, because your method of overcoming insecurity is to put yourself on a pedastol over everybody else.
and it makes some angry,
and it makes me feel like nothing.
...ooo... ... is more 020206
mindful more and more of me
is out there, and you
press at every button,
tempting, taunting, yearning
to... beat me silly with your fingers
and still you give.. less of yourself
than I ever would.

time and time again,
there are ways, waters, rickety bridges
with our names carved in them
from 19--so and so and little
8-year olds glance at them
wondering who we are
and where we live.

in each morsel of each word
you breathe my way, I find
no worries, no wants, no.....
discontentment, and slowly
I rewind back to age 12
and wish you were here
to tell me "everything
will be just fine," or
"I love you."
but, I've grown more stubborn
than you've ever been
and I disregard your thoughts
even if they are pure.

both night and day have brought
about questions of the who, what,
and the where, but.. the how, and why
are the hardest two to
come to some sort of compromise on.
maybe I should give less of me,
just to have each of you...
appreciate it more.
jio jio 100215
somedaysam is more
more than
nothing less than
the best
of my heart
all the good years
and now
i'm less a soul...
. than 240420
what's it to you?
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