quill waking down another space of time 990907
alida an ifinite circle which makes it's path arround his lips. wet and ready, they seek protection, but i offer them no shelter. 990920
me? Nature does not know extinciton; all it knows is transformation. Everyhing science has taught me, and continues to teach me, strengthens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death. 991110
Quintessensual Zero is most definitely an even number.
There is no reason to exclude it from the even's.

It is evenly divisible by 2. It yields a real integer when divided by 2, the interger being itself.

That it happens to yield itself is no reason, analytically, logically, epistemologically or mathematically, to exclude it from the even's.

Only the engineers and the lawyers would try to exclude it from its rightful place in the hall of even's.
R.A.I.N. Too much time on ones hands can be painful. Even if it is shared with a community with in ones own head. 991216
Zero Zero is the absence of everything. However is you are slightly optimistic you can also say that it is the begining of everything. However being truely negitive at heart I could never go for a defination like that. 000219
lokkust the best year of my life 000219
Equin0x One in my name; another in my heart.
Never mind. It's nothing.
simon the absence of everything is an
try to concieve absolutely nothing.
you cannot.
nothing is the absence of conception.
the absence of conception is the
absence of existence.
the absence of existence is
which is impossible.
therefore nothing is impossible.
there always must be something.
emily 000608
novakane The beginning of the end.
An integer.
*Ziima* My friend Daniel calls himself Zero mainly because of the skate/snowboard company. I think it has to do with more than that. 010218
mpayton Zero: Nothing, Nadda, nil, Zippo, naught, nought, nix, cipher, goose egg,
zilch, aught, ought, a donunt, ...
yummychuckle cool song by smashing pumpkins.
I like the word.
same shape, but sounds a hell of a lot better than "oh".
NearPerfecTheory gosh, look at the potential though... 020309
Math Zero is not equal to pi 020406
einstein one and one are eleven,
two and two are twenty two
Archimedes Zero Imbraced by the east feared by the west is the story of Zero and it's astranged Sister Infinity. Zero has it's begings in India were algebra was needed by the mathmeticians who had masterd and birthed Algerbra. The west had feared Zero for it conflickted with there views on God. For they would openly agree that infinity had a place as god was everything but for there to be nothing was utter nonsence. By the end of the dark ages Zero had made it's debue on the europein scene. The power of zero is greater then that of infinity. For you see you divide any interger by infinity then you will get zero as your answer. If you divide any interger by infinity then you will get and undifined value. Although you could discribe a line with undifined slope as a slope of infinity but to be technical they are not the same thing. Numbers are life and for this i have contributed this passage i leave the rest to the void 020504
Sensory a wonderful number, creating a stronger argument for the power of abscence 021011
squint zero_girl by sam keith 021012
xavier zero is an amount... and yet it means nothing. isn't nothing the opposite of something? amount is the measure of something. if you have nothing then you have no amount. well, the word "no" in this case is modifying the word "amount". therefor, you have an amount... you have no amount. but then isn't the word "no" is employed when one wants to imply a negation of the word it is to modify. like if you say,"No apples," that means there is an absence of apples and therefor the apples are non-existing in the context of the statement. so i you say that there i no amount, you are saying that said amount does not exist. therefor zero cannot be an amount, and therefor math is flawed and therefor i hate math... and you. grr... 030203
crimson Zero Star girl 030919
Philosophistry smashing pumpkins band 040307
nonlucid dividing by zero is mathematical blasphemy 040702
yung one my math teacher says ''sero is a place/value holder'' 040811
smashing 24 pumpkins "I'm in love with, my sadness
and I was on a sinking ship..."
apocalynx intoxicated with the madness
i'm in love with my sadness
bullshit fakers
enchanted kingdoms
the fashion victims chew their charcoal teeth

she's the one for me
she's all i really need
she's the one for me
she's my one and only

yeah, a bit redundant, but hey. the song rocks.

ones and zeroes, if only it could be that easy. i am feeling like a fraction.
parallel university school of thought Infinity equals zero. 050715
mos does anyone remember that billy corgan shirt? 051101
Superfluous take me back there 070120
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